Despite Uncertainty After ACA Court Ruling, Medicaid Expansion Likely to Proceed

Officials in the three states where voters approved expanding Medicaid last month are moving forward, regardless of a ruling by a Texas judge declaring the Affordable Care Act unconstitutional.

States, Counties and Cities Report Surges in Hepatitis A Cases

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Communication black hole during Camp Fire … N.Y. seafood fraud investigation … and mental health needs swell after Anchorage quake.

‘Crowdsourcing for Health Care’ Raises Spirits—and Concerns

Thirty states have passed safe harbor laws for Christian health care share ministries, stating that they are not insurance companies and are exempt from insurance regulations.

Measuring Results of Early Childhood Spending

Finding more resources to help struggling populations “needs to be reframed as an economic imperative, even a national security issue.”

How States are Trying to Reduce Suicide Deaths

Nationwide, more than 47,000 Americans died by suicide last year, an increase of almost 5 percent over 2016.

Arizona Launches Campaign to Combat Deadly Syphilis Outbreak

The state health department reports that 664 women and 47 newborns have been diagnosed with the disease this year. Eight of those infected newborns have died.

Americans Are Dying Even Younger

Drug overdoses and suicides are causing American life expectancy to drop.

Report on Uninsured Children in the U.S. Shows Distressing Trend

“With an improving economy and a very low unemployment rate, the fact that our nation is going backwards on children’s health coverage is very troubling,” said Joan Alker, executive director of the Center for Children and Families.

The Number of Teens Who Vape More Than Doubled In The Last Year

The FDA moved Thursday to impose new restrictions on how stores can sell e-cigarettes.

Polio-like Illness AFM Tests an Overstretched Public Health System

Acute flaccid myelitis has been reported in 39 states and Washington, D.C.

Voters in 4 Red States Considering Medicaid Expansion Proposals

Ballot initiatives in Idaho, Montana, Nebraska and Utah are steaming toward Election Day, fueling perceptions that narratives on public-option health care have shifted.

As Opioid Crisis Continues, States Learn to Embrace Methadone Clinics

A handful of states are looking to rapidly expand the availability of methadone treatment, which has historically been stigmatized and restricted.

Finding Jobs for the Hard-to-Employ

In Minnesota, a training and hiring program is working on getting people into employment, including for the Hennepin County government.

A Record-Low Percentage of U.S. Adults Got a Flu Vaccine Last Year

Low vaccination rates may have contributed to an especially deadly flu season, which saw more than 80,000 fatalities.

The Main Suspect Behind an Ominous Spike in a Polio-Like Illness

A common virus seems to be behind a puzzling condition that’s paralyzing children, but uncertainties remain.

‘Nightmare Bacteria’ Brings Worries in Kansas

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How to Boost Vaccine Rates for Low-Income Families

Statistics show that disparities persist between rates of young children on Medicaid and kids with private insurance.

Big Differences in Life Expectancy, City by City, Neighborhood by Neighborhood

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Another police “swatting” call … Florida red tide spreads … San Francisco's new seismic list ... and remembering the Taj Mahal of municipal pools.