Two Crises In One: As Drug Use Rises, So Does Syphilis

Syphilis rates jumped by 73 percent overall and 156 percent for women from 2013 to 2017.

How a Health Department Is Working to Contain a Measles Outbreak

When a case is suspected, public health employees launch an exhaustive investigative process that one official called "real gumshoe work."

Drug-Price Debate Targets Pharmacy Benefit Managers

Legislators in several states want pharmacy benefit managers to disclose more information about their practices, particularly rebates.

Utah Lawmakers Move to Restrict Voter-Approved Medicaid Expansion

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Denver teachers go on strike … Kansas’ low meningitis vaccination rate … and New Jersey’s 94-year-old mayor.

How a Ballot Initiative to Expand Medicaid in Utah May Be Denied

Republican lawmakers don’t want to fully implement a ballot initiative passed in November. One health-care advocate called it “trampling on … representative democracy.”

Streamlining Local Health Department Inspections and Permitting

No two agencies are alike, which made designing a software solution for preconfigured forms and procedures difficult in the past.

President Trump Signs Extension of Federal Welfare Program

“While short-term extensions can be challenging for states, we are committed to working with Congress on a long-term reauthorization that provides certainty for states and families,” according to Scott Pattison, the executive director of the National Governors Association.

Mayors Seek ‘Federal Partners’ Amid Shutdown

Mayors called on leaders in Washington to reopen the government, while highlighting their efforts to help federal employees and others hurt by the shutdown.

Rural Hospitals in Greater Jeopardy in Non-Medicaid Expansion States

Of the 600-plus rural hospitals at risk of closing, Texas has the most facilities in danger, a study found.

Medicaid ‘Buy-In’ Could Be a New Health Care Option for the Uninsured

“We think 2019 is going to be the year of Medicaid buy-in,” one health care advocate said.

San Francisco’s Homelessness Tradeoff

Taxing big business means more money for health care and social assistance, but the city’s economist says it could also mean fewer jobs and a smaller economy if companies move or open elsewhere—which could sting in a recession.

Places Where Flu Activity Has Been the Highest

Many localities haven’t yet felt the full brunt of influenza season.

Retiree Health Care Liabilities Keep Stacking Up For States

Newly issued data show the financial challenge posed by "other post-employment benefits."

Where Asian Longhorned Ticks Will Likely Spread in the U.S.

After being discovered in New Jersey in August 2017, the invasive species has been spotted in 45 counties in eight other states.

Trump Administration Moves On Tougher Food Stamp Work Requirements

The U.S. Department of Agriculture offered its proposal Thursday, the same day the president signed a bill that rejected expanded work mandates.

Tough But Important Lessons From San Diego’s 2017 Hepatitis A Emergency

A California state auditor’s report focuses much attention on a slow public health response as the highly-contagious liver disease spread.

Local Health Department Uses Holiday Theme to Warn of an ‘Unwanted Present’

“On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me … a brand new STD.”

Despite Uncertainty After ACA Court Ruling, Medicaid Expansion Likely to Proceed

Officials in the three states where voters approved expanding Medicaid last month are moving forward, regardless of a ruling by a Texas judge declaring the Affordable Care Act unconstitutional.