Paying Too Much For Rent Could Be Hurting People's Health

Eleven percent of U.S. households are severely burdened by housing costs.

Gentrification is Most Concentrated in Large Cities

Seven cities account for almost half the gentrification in America, according to research from the National Community Reinvestment Coalition.

The Cities Where Residents Are Most Eager to Leave

An analysis by real-estate website examined places where more people were searching for homes elsewhere compared to people looking to move in.

Low-Income Renters Face Massive Affordable Housing Shortage

The country's poorest renters face the largest shortage of available and affordable housing compared to other renters, according to a new report.

California Governor Plans Death Penalty Moratorium

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Dialed-back housing plans ... An Inland Port Authority lawsuit in Salt Lake City ... A paramedic proposal in Florida.

The Persistent Economic Advantage of America’s Suburbs

A new study finds that suburban neighborhoods outperform urban ones across the board.

Checking on Landlords When the Heat is Too Low

Heat Seek records indoor temperatures when renters say their heat is out or insufficient.

Camp Fire’s Dispersed Survivors Plot Their New Homes on a Map

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Political turmoil continues in Virginia … Hawaii’s mainland prison inmates … and email scammers using Fla. mayor’s name.

Where Millennials and Seniors Have Moved Since the Recession

Young adults are heading to knowledge-based metros, while Arizona and Florida remain retirement hubs, the Brookings Institution found in a new analysis.

The End of the American Chinatown

How renewed interest in downtown living is threatening neighborhoods that long provided a first stop for new immigrants.

Airbnb Still Isn’t Collecting Local Taxes Everywhere

While the company has stepped up collection efforts in recent years, a new report argues that local lawmakers should ensure Airbnb collects all lodging taxes.

Oregon Lawmakers Want to Outlaw Pet Rent

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Miss. official vs. civil service protections … Upstate N.Y. village’s bombastic mayor … Minn. in no hurry to authorize AV testing.

City Officials Push for National Housing Strategy

A new housing task force intends to publish a policy toolkit in June for localities looking to address the affordability crisis, but federal, state and private partnerships are key.

Mayors Seek ‘Federal Partners’ Amid Shutdown

Mayors called on leaders in Washington to reopen the government, while highlighting their efforts to help federal employees and others hurt by the shutdown.

What Democratic and Republican Mayors Agree On

Mayors of all stripes are frustrated with the effects of rising housing costs, but disagree on a range of other issues, according to the 2018 Menino Survey.

Black Southerners Are Bearing the Brunt of America’s Eviction Epidemic

Princeton's Eviction Lab has found that the South is home to most of the top-evicting large and mid-sized U.S. cities.

Microsoft’s Big Pledge to Help Build Affordable Housing in the Seattle Area

The move by the company is “potentially groundbreaking” and an acknowledgment that “government alone cannot really solve” the housing crisis.

Sky-High Affordability Gap Strains Ski Town Economies

Mountain communities across the West huddle in Vail to discuss the challenges of high costs of living, low-paying jobs and a scarcity of places to live.