On the Brink of AHCA Vote, Kansas Lawmakers Make Their Own Move on Medicaid

“I think if we waited for Washington to sort themselves out, we wouldn’t vote for anything,” one Kansas state senator told Route Fifty.

Sam Brownback Might Not Be Governing Kansas Much Longer

President Trump reportedly will send the beleaguered Republican to Rome as ambassador to U.N. for food and agriculture.

Kansas Republicans Sour on Their Tax-Cut Experiment

The state legislature nearly reversed Governor Sam Brownback’s signature policy after a voter rebellion. His economic legacy, one GOP lawmaker says, “is going down in flames.”

Relative of Kansas Gov. Slams His Budget Proposal; Colo. Lawmakers May Pursue Tax Hike

Also in our Weekend State and Local Daily Digest: Emergency declaration in Georgia; Philly-area bridge closed after structural fracture; a big EPA fine from a Honolulu molasses spill.

The Budget Mess Continues in Kansas

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback recently told The Kansas City Star: “I want a fairer tax system, but it’s like that was all counter to my policies.” Good luck replenishing that bone-dry rainy day fund.

Navigator Award Finalists: Sherry Schoonover and Team, City of Topeka, Kan.

Making its easier to track capital improvement projects—and the funding that’s been budgeted and spent on them.

Route Fifty Roadmap: Visiting a Kansas City Suburb Where Google Fiber Hit a Roadblock

Municipal rules about undergrounding utilities proved to be too great a challenge to overcome in Leawood, Kansas, back in 2014. Could new models to expand connectivity bridge those barriers?

Kansas City’s Garbage Apology; Miami Beach Reminded of Its Precarious Position

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: LAPD outreach to families of those killed by officers; gas utility under scrutiny in Vermont; and Great Lakes mayors question water agreement.

4 Kansas Ex Governors Join Forces to Fight Sam Brownback’s Fiscal Policies

Also in our State and Local Weekend Digest: Illinois budget mess threatens state road construction; Oakland, Calif., conflict-of-interest inquiry; and Jacksonville consolidated government dispute.

Grocery Stores, Grab Bars and 'Golden Girls'

To stay in the suburbs, many boomers will have to find solutions that don’t depend on government help.

Budget-Strapped Kansas to Borrow $900 Million From Itself; Employees Blamed for N.Y. Prison Escape

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: Chicago approves sick leave for all workers; mass shootings spur Denver schools’ switch to push-button locks; and Louisiana Republicans buck governor on shortfall.

‘No Good Options’ to Solve Kansas Budget Mess; Alaska Eyes Changes to Its Permanent Fund

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: Dutch-American city isn’t rolling up the ‘Welkom’ mat; Uber’s big penalty in Pennsylvania; and California’s ‘Skunk Train’ cleans homeless camps.

A How-To Guide for States to Spark Innovation

California may be home to Silicon Valley, but more and more states are not only actively encouraging homegrown entrepreneurs, they’re proactively seeking innovators who can make a difference in our everyday lives and that state’s bottom line.

Here’s How One City in Kansas Has Been Pushing to Improve Its Budgeting Process

‘Our other budgets, they were difficult to see,’ says a City Council member who has embraced a budget-making approach that involves program inventories and ‘priority based’ spending.

Comparing Kansas to Its Neighbors

Personal income estimates slid downward in 57 of the Sunflower State's 105 counties in 2014. But adjacent states didn't see similar declines.

More Bad News from Kansas Budget Analysts; Illinois Attorney General Charges Gas Utility of Bilking, Fraud

Also: Teen curfews in New Mexico and considering the art and science of traffic engineering in Montana.

Can the Internet of Things Combat Child Obesity in Cities?

A new technology accelerator is giving Olathe, Kansas, the tools it needs to help create the parks and playgrounds of the future.

Kansas Gets Ready to Dump Young Voters From Suspended List; Oregon’s Scary Bridge Report

Also: Religious loophole for Vermont parents and an "outdoor refreshment" zone for Toledo?