Virginia Announces Partnership for In-Vehicle Alcohol Detection Sensors

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | San Francisco’s modular apartment plan … La. court blocks New Orleans art law … and “you can't use taxpayers' money to pay your tithe to your church.”

Apple Building Portal For Law Enforcement Data Requests

The company will also build a digital forensics training program.

Appeals Court Finds That Anti-Camping Ordinance Violates Eighth Amendment Protections

The Martin v. City of Boise ruling offers caution for local governments looking to prosecute homeless people for sleeping on the streets without having adequate shelter resources.

DHS Gives 'Power Suit' a Whole New Meaning

The agency wants first responders’ clothing to be able to generate and store electricity.

Sanctuary Cities Get a Win on Law Enforcement Grants

The injunction preventing the Department of Justice from withholding them from certain cities is back in place.

A Crackdown on Illegal Marijuana Farms in Public Forests

In California, officials have destroyed thousands of the illegal pot plants they say Mexican cartels were growing on public land.

L.A. Metro Will Deploy Millimeter Wave Scanners in Stations

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | W.Va. governor visits his state’s capital city … breaking ground on the Digital Crossroads of America Data Center … and a mayor’s Twitter tattoo bet.

Pennsylvania Governor's Views on Recreational Marijuana Diverge From His Allies

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Dallas City Council member indicted … pipe dream for new Ala. interstate … and a frustrated city manager leaves job due to armchair quarterbacks.

Another Use for Drones: Investigating Car Wrecks

Law enforcement agencies are finding it is quicker and safer to do scene investigations with drones.

Judge Temporarily Blocks Publication of Plans for 3D-Printed Guns

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | “Little Alan’s Law” takes effect in Minn. … reverting to typewriters in Alaska … and accelerating planning for a future Los Angeles transit line.

Federal Judge: Albuquerque’s Civil Forfeiture Practices Are Unconstitutional

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Hand-foot-and-mouth disease in Iowa … Minneapolis mayor wants you to eat less meat … and PFAS contamination in Michigan drinking water.

State Attorneys General Switch Focus to Disaster Preparation and Response

“It runs part and parcel with having the state have more control and more responsibility in implementing effective response,” said Louisiana AG Jeff Landry of his new National Association of Attorneys General initiative.

Some States Step In to Fill Federal Void on Police Consent Decrees

In Chicago, officials take a different path to implement law enforcement reforms.

States Try to Silence Robocalls, But They’re Worse Than Ever

While some states are looking at stronger penalties and other measures, officials acknowledge curbing robocalls is a very difficult task.

Marijuana Bills Increasingly Focus on Social Justice

When advocates now seek marijuana legalization, they also are focusing on investment in poor communities and fixing longstanding criminal justice problems.

Louisiana No Longer Leads Nation in Imprisonment Rate

COMMENTARY | New data show impact of 2017 criminal justice reforms.

Police Are Changing Lineups to Avoid False IDs

Several state legislatures are moving toward mandated changes in how police conduct photo line-ups.

Local Courts Scramble to Deal With Juror No-Shows

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Ohio governor vs. agribusiness … London Breed’s first day as San Francisco mayor … good news for parched Arizona … and Idaho’s 8,000-pound exemption.

Driving Without a Smartphone

A new law in Georgia discourages drivers from even touching a screen. Whether or not it improves safety, it could help break people’s phone habits.