Minimum Wage

A State Reconsiders Its Ban on Local Minimum Wage Laws

Cities and counties would be allowed to set a wage floor higher than the one authorized by Colorado if a bill passed by state legislators becomes law.

Republican AGs Call For Court to Toss Discrimination Lawsuit Over Minimum Wage Law

The case concerns an Alabama statute that pre-empted a local minimum wage ordinance in Birmingham.

Why HR Managers Should Be Partnering With State Governments

Legislatures are taking up important issues of key interest to companies and their employees.

A New Look at Seattle's Minimum Wage Hike

A new update by researchers re-examines Seattle's increase to a $15 minimum wage over a three-year period.

A Woman’s Paycheck Is Influenced by Her Hometown

In a new study, economists find women from places where sexist attitudes prevail end up earning less later in life even after they move to another place.

NLC Targets Political Opposition to Federal Housing Assistance by Joining Campaign

Opportunity Starts at Now is focused on the widening gap between rent and income across the U.S.

In No State Can Minimum-Wage Workers Afford a Two-Bedroom Rental

“This will be a problem for the foreseeable future,” said Diane Yentel, president and CEO of the National Low Income Housing Coalition, which released a new study Wednesday.

How St. Louis Workers Won and Then Lost a Minimum-Wage Hike

After a Missouri law took effect on Monday, the wage floor in the city was reduced to $7.70 per hour after three months at $10 per hour—the latest case of a state cracking down on a city that had enacted a progressive policy.

In Many States, a Long-Awaited Raise for Low-Paid Workers

A shortage of service workers in some high-cost areas, aging baby boomers’ growing demand for help at home, and minimum wage hikes are likely factors in the uptick.

Cities Are Fighting to Close the Pay Gap–But States Are Standing in the Way

In a contributed article, National League of Cities' Christiana McFarland outlines how state preemption of local laws may be adding to the wage gap.

Will the Minimum Wage Debate Ever Be Settled?

States are implementing new laws about worker pay. That will provide plenty of research fodder for economists who can’t seem to agree on whether or not raises are good or bad for workers.

State and Local Government Elections: Ballot Initiatives We’re Tracking

Beyond races for the White House and Congress, voters across the nation are considering a wide variety of state and local proposals and initiatives. Here’s our rundown of what’s important to watch ...

Iowa Gov. Up for Raising Minimum Wage; Wyoming's Record-Low Local Revenue Capacity

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: Expanding Baltimore's Howard Street Tunnel; a Michigan county bribery scandal; Dakota Access Pipeline arrests questioned.

New State Minimum Wage Hikes Come With 'Off Ramps'

Many states that raised their minimum wages this year took a cautious approach.

D.C.'s Minimum-Wage Hike

Councilmembers have unanimously approved a measure to increase the minimum wage to $15 per hour by 2020.

Life After Raising the Minimum Wage

Seattle workers will soon make at lest $15 an hour citywide, and it's turned its attention to on-call scheduling.

N.Y.’s Minimum Wage Set to Increase; Plan to Lift Anti-Nepotism Rules in Utah City Runs Awry

Also in our State and Local news digest: Colorado town saved by marijuana; dead dolphins on Gulf Coast; and a New Jersey town’s controversial motto and seal.

California’s New Minimum Wage Is an Unprecedented Gamble

A $15 hourly wage may not be a big stretch for employers in areas like San Francisco, but in rural parts of the state, critics fear potential job cuts and forced unemployment.

A Major Leap for the Minimum Wage

California announced a deal to reach $15 an hour by 2022, and New York could soon follow.