Florida Files Opioids Lawsuit Against Walgreens and CVS

“We will continue to pursue those companies that played a role in creating the opioid crisis,” the Florida attorney general said.

More Than 1,000 Doctors in Georgia Violating Opioid Law

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Calif. Gov.-elect Newsom might not live in Sacramento … Denver’s HQ2 dreams may not yet be dashed … and a short-term rental ban endorsed in Maine city.

Thousands of Pennsylvania Hospitalizations Related to Opioid Use

Opioids are frequently a contributing factor to hospitalizations in Pennsylvania, and not just with overdoses, according to new data.

As Opioid Crisis Continues, States Learn to Embrace Methadone Clinics

A handful of states are looking to rapidly expand the availability of methadone treatment, which has historically been stigmatized and restricted.

DOJ Chases Positive Overdose Numbers With More Funding

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced a new “strike force” to investigate and prosecute prescription opioid abuse in Appalachia.

It’s Too Soon to Celebrate the End of the Opioid Epidemic

Drug-overdose deaths have been down for six months, but it’s too early to know whether the good news will continue.

How Fentanyl Changes the Opioid Equation

Fentanyl can cause rashes of overdoses and deaths when it is slipped into the local heroin supply.

Opioid Bill Expands Treatment Options

Two specific provisions of new federal legislation to combat opioids could help states trying to offer addicts more treatment options.

The Impacts of Iowa’s Underground Needle Exchanges

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Miami’s strong-mayor vote ... N.C.’s Florence road damage estimate … Texas special education funding … and Calif. DMV warns of new scam.

The $1 Tool That Might Curb the Overdose Epidemic

A new study shows that fentanyl test strips nudge drug users to take extra precautions.

Virginia’s ‘Model’ Opioid Data-Sharing Platform Nearly Ready

As the epidemic’s death toll rises, the state is working to get more information into the hands of regional substance abuse coalitions to mitigate deaths and other negative impacts.

Most Hospital ERs Won’t Treat Your Addiction. These Will.

In most places across the country, opioid addicts can't get addiction medication in ERs. But some have started to do things differently.

Indiana Mapping Tool Uses EMS Data to Show Naloxone Administrations

The map shows use of the overdose-reversing drug as reported by EMS responders, beginning in 2014.

Teen Xanax Abuse Is Surging, Experts Say

Addiction practitioners say they’re seeing more young patients who are hooked on Xanax.

Delaware’s Lt. Governor Distributes Doses of Life-Saving Medication

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | A pipeline for thirsty Utah communities … Oregon will ask for a federal OK to toll interstates ... and a Monty Python inspired crosswalk in Texas.

Wisconsin Tackles the Opioid Crisis

COMMENTARY | State leaders prioritize expanding access to evidence-based treatment

Breaking Down Opioid Deaths by Occupation

New research from the state of Massachusetts could help guide response efforts to the drug abuse epidemic.

This Utah Library System Will Distribute Overdose-Reversing Naloxone to Residents

Distribution of the kits is an extension of a previous push to train library staff to spot the signs of an opioid overdose and administer naloxone directly to library patrons in distress.

With Analytics, New Federal Funding Could Be Turning Point in the Opioid Crisis

COMMENTARY | States like New Jersey, Virginia and Massachusetts are moving forward with data-driven approaches to treating opioid addictions.