State Lawmakers to Congress: Butt Out of Online Sales Taxes

The National Conference of State Legislatures is asking leaders on Capitol Hill to refrain from legislating around the recent South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc. Supreme Court decision.

Federal Judge Blasts Georgia’s ‘Dated, Vulnerable’ Voting System

The state avoided having to make a change in election equipment before the midterms, however.

Decade-Old Rail Safety Measure Will Take Longer to Implement

Only eight railroads are expected to deploy positive train control, designed to prevent human-caused accidents, by the Dec. 31 deadline, according to a new GAO report.

Who Will Regulate Hyperloop?

Virgin Hyperloop One fancies itself a railroad, but the question is far from decided as the company nears the end of feasibility studies in several cities and states.

California’s Record on Climate Change Is a Stark Rebuttal to Trump

Governor Jerry Brown is pushing the boundaries of what a single state can do to combat the threat, which grows more tangible with each record wildfire and hurricane.

'Tax Reform 2.0' Would Permanently Curtail State and Local Deduction

Some state and local government leaders have chafed at the cap on the so-called SALT deduction.

Rural Water Group Keeps Up Push for Changes to Lending Programs

The utility group wants the changes included in a final version of water infrastructure legislation taking shape in Congress.

Thousands Fail to Meet New Medicaid Work Mandates in Arkansas

The state is the first to move forward with new requirements for beneficiaries.

GOP, Democratic State AG Groups Face Off in Fort Worth Over Obamacare

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Pennsylvania prison mystery illnesses … Arizona teacher vacancies … and San Francisco’s fake safe-injection site.

What to Include in a National Framework for Self-Driving Vehicles

State and local officials had some ideas for Congress at a Wednesday hearing on Capitol Hill.

Hackers Press Secretaries of State to Support Independent Testing of Voting Machines

The Senate Intelligence Committee also touted the Voting Village’s efforts to probe election equipment while chastising its naysayers.

The Audacious Idea to Arm Teachers Using Federal Dollars

Congress has repeatedly made clear its position against doing so, but new reports say Trump’s Education Department is considering allowing states to use grants to purchase firearms for school districts.

IRS Proposal Would Sink States' Tax Deduction Workarounds

The U.S. Treasury Department and IRS released their highly anticipated regulatory proposal on Thursday.

Vermont Secretary of State Slams ‘Unfunded Mandate’ in Election Security Bill

Jim Condos says the latest draft will force states like his to spend more money on auditing. Meanwhile, the U.S. Election Assistance Commission says states are focused on cybersecurity ahead of 2018 midterms.

Renters Using Housing Vouchers Face Discrimination, Study Finds

The Department of Housing and Urban Development is launching a task force to look at landlord participation in the program.

Thousands Could Lose Medicaid as 1st State Implements Work Requirements

Arkansas state officials say new requirements will help people get into the workforce. Advocates, however, contend they will just kick people out of the insurance program.

Forest Service to Work More Closely With States to Battle Wildfires

The new strategy includes increased logging and prescribed burns.

More Bridges Will Collapse

Two disasters in Europe are the latest examples of the decline of infrastructure—as an idea as much as a physical thing.

Spending Millions to Stop the Spread of a Destructive Insect Invader

Southeastern Pennsylvania is ground zero for an invasive species outbreak that’s threatening trees and crops. Can it be contained?