State and Federal Relations

Trump Signs Coronavirus Aid Package—But Democrats Say More Help Needed for States and Cities

The House approved the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act on Friday and President Trump later signed the measure into law. But lawmakers said they expect to address the growing financial needs of local governments in a fourth bill.

Coronavirus Is Slamming State Unemployment Systems

Funding is one concern, another is handling an unprecedented wave of claims.

Schools, Transit, Hospital Funding Included in Senate Coronavirus Bill

Senate leaders agreed on a package that includes $340 billion for relief efforts boosting schools, hospitals and state and local governments, as well as a $150 billion fund specifically to help states and localities fight the pandemic.

Aid for States Lacking in $2 Trillion Deal, New York and Maryland Governors Say

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo called the estimated $3.8 billion his state would receive through the aid package a “drop in the bucket.”

Senate, White House Reach Deal on Third Coronavirus Package

Negotiations between Senate and House leaders and the Trump administration ended Wednesday morning with a deal on the nearly $2 trillion economic stimulus proposal.

Why Trump Isn’t Using The Defense Production Act

He wants to allow corporations to sell vital medical gear to the highest-bidding states. Governors say that’s exactly the problem.

Real ID Deadline Postponed Due to Coronavirus

President Trump pushed back the Oct. 1 deadline that would have required Americans to have Real ID compliant driver’s licenses and other identification cards in order to board an airplane.

How Congress’ Competing Coronavirus Bills Would Help State, Local Governments

The latest Senate bill would pit businesses and state and local governments against each other for $500 billion in economic stabilization loans, while a House proposal would set aside $200 billion for states and another pot for localities.

Distilleries and Breweries Begin Manufacturing Hand Sanitizer Amid National Shortages

Dozens of businesses across the country switched production from booze to sanitizer after two federal agencies relaxed manufacturing guidelines amid the Covid-19 outbreak.

Move by Fed May Help Shore Up Short-Term Borrowing for States and Localities

The municipal bond market is experiencing a massive crunch as investors react to the coronavirus pandemic.

As Ridership and Revenues Plunge, Transit Agencies Seek Financial Aid

The coronavirus has far fewer people riding buses and trains. Tax revenues going towards transit are in line to take a hit as well.

Federal Government Floats Sending Americans Cash to Address Outbreak

The Trump administration is considering providing “business interruption payments” for American workers as the economic fallout from the coronavirus outbreak continues.

Trump Leaves States to Fend for Themselves

COMMENTARY | The coronavirus is America’s first 50-state disaster, and each is dependent on outside help that may never come.

The Pandemic Reminds Us Why Governors Still Matter

COMMENTARY | Governors across the United States have taken a proactive, hands-on response to the coronavirus pandemic.

House Passes Coronavirus Package with White House Support

The House overwhelmingly passed the legislation early Saturday morning, which House Speaker Nancy Pelosi negotiated with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.

How to Understand Your State’s Coronavirus Numbers

As the outbreak spreads, state websites are still some of the best sources of information on how many people have been tested.

Democrats, Republicans Race to Shore Up Divisions on Coronavirus Package

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had hoped for a Thursday vote on the legislation, but Republicans said they won’t support the proposal as drafted and pushed for changes.

Costs to Combat Coronavirus Mount in an Epicenter of the Outbreak

In King County, Washington alone, the local government is spending about $100,000 a day responding to the public health crisis, according to one lawmaker.

Trump Says Federal Funding for ‘Sanctuary’ Cities Will Be Withheld

The president’s statement comes after a federal appellate court ruled that the administration could withhold law enforcement grants from jurisdictions that don’t cooperate with federal immigration authorities.

Agriculture Secretary Tells Farmers Not to Count on Future Farm Trade Bailouts

President Trump previously signaled that more money to subsidize farmers for trade losses could be doled out.