State and Local Roundup

Public Transit in New York Plans for Staff Cuts, Hiring More Police

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Fight over Uber tax in Chicago … Indiana legislator wants to lower the age to run for office … Massachusetts will oversee colleges’ finances.

Chicago Mayor Wants an Exception to Minimum Wage for Tipped Workers

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Louisiana governor election results … New York to consider commercial rent controls … Shooting in California high school. 

Kansas Faces Charges Foster Care System is Broken

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Kentucky governor concedes … Lawsuit could purge Wisconsin voters … Baltimore hits 300 homicides for fifth consecutive year.

Another State Moves to Eliminate Seasonal Time Changes

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Gun magazine sales loophole in Colorado … Mold in election commission office in Arkansas … Report shows Massachusetts leadership lacks diversity.

The Growing Campaign for Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to Stay an Execution

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Rhode Island to help LGBTQ veterans … California attorney general sues Facebook over privacy violations … Federal judge says Trump can’t sue the New York attorney general over tax returns.

Ohio Considering Opposing Bills on Abortion Reversal

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Legislation to stop phone scams in Georgia … New York to establish first veterans cemetery … Socialist Seattle City Council member prevails despite Amazon opposition.

Texas Will Use State Land for Homeless Camp

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Border mayors convene in San Diego … Virginia governor announces tech talent pipeline … Idaho governor asks state agencies to cut budgets.

New York Mayor Faces Criticism for Police Commissioner Pick

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Recanvass in Kentucky governor’s race … Montgomery rejects proposal to criminalize giving money to homeless people … Sioux Falls legalizes beekeeping.

Big Decisions from Voters: AirBnb Clamp Down in New Jersey, Budget Restrictions Stay in Colorado and More

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Democrats win in Virginia, claim victory in Kentucky … Election firsts for minority candidates … California seizes $1.5 billion worth of marijuana.

Apple Pledges to Spend $2.5 Billion on Affordable Housing in California

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Florida debuts new healthcare website … Minnesota will not ban lead ammunition and fishing tackle … Seattle launches non-emergency help line.

Oklahoma Has Largest Single-Day Commutation in U.S. History

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Controversy in Maryland over Blue Lives Matter flag … New York City bans foie gras … Trump and California governor spar over wildfires.

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Keystone Pipeline Leaks 383,000 Gallons of Oil in North Dakota

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Michigan legislators block regulations of new cancer treatment … Connecticut legislators call for special session on voter registration … New Jersey governor signs climate resiliency plan.

The Missouri Health Department Was Tracking Women’s Periods

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | North Carolina congressional maps must be redrawn … Chicago teachers reach agreement to end strike … Pennsylvania legislature considers harsher punishment for hate crimes.

A Gubernatorial Candidate Tests Facebook’s Fact-Checking Policy

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Bill in New York would compensate people for wrongful convictions … Exelon enters into environmental agreement with Maryland … Pennsylvania changes election laws.

Hundreds of Thousands Evacuated as Wildfires Spread in California

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Wyoming announces invasive species task force … Bill in Wisconsin would require student ID cards to contain suicide prevention hotline … Trump criticizes Chicago police superintendent.

Officials in One State Want a Process to Oust County Officials Accused of Wrongdoing

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Trump aims to strike down California sanctuary law … Alabama Supreme Court sides with city council in dispute with Selma mayor … Family of man in Twitter video asks Texas governor to delete his tweet.

South Dakota Drops Parts of Law Prohibiting Pipeline Protests

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Florida governor wants NCAA athletes to get paid … Ohio leaders consider what to do with opioid settlement money … Longest serving state legislative leader plans to retire.

A State Bill to Ban the B-Word

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Michigan may relax legislative term limits … Colorado governor mocks Trump … Judge rules Louisiana governor has 30 days to release records about alleged sexual harassment by staffer.

California Governor Wants to Investigate High Gas Prices

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Massachusetts considers banning judges from jailing people on probation who fail drug tests … Pennsylvania considers six week abortion ban … St. Paul Mayor gets threatening messages over trash collection plan. 

Property Purchases by Scientology Members in Florida City Worry Some Local Leaders

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Wisconsin governor calls special session on guns … Billboard of San Francisco mayor denounced as racist … Chicago may increase taxes at restaurants.