State and Local Roundup

Group of Mayors Pledge to Push for Universal Basic Income Programs

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | Virginia governor extends emergency declaration in Richmond ... Arizona town continues on with the Fourth of July ... Texas bar owners file lawsuit.

Golden State Killer Pleads Guilty to 'Simply Staggering' Crimes that Terrified California Communities

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | Houston prosecutor resigns over Facebook post … Protesters call for St. Louis mayor to resign … Bars to close in some California jurisdictions.

Mississippi Lawmakers Vote to Remove Confederate Symbol from State Flag

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | House approves Democrat-backed police overhaul bill ... Nevada eviction moratorium to lift in September ... Boston mayor creates "equity and inclusion" cabinet.

Florida to Spend $240 Million on Rent and Mortgage Help

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | Police officers fired in Wilmington after racist conversation caught on recording … Minnesota city could remove word “chief” from position titles … More than 20,000 workers in New York City could face furloughs or layoffs.

Texas Lawmakers Urge Trump Administration to Keep Testing Sites Open

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | Civil rights experts say they’ve uncovered the first case of a person wrongly arrested after incorrect facial recognition software identification … New York proposal would ban Tik Tok from government devices … A proposal for a tourism tax credit.

Seattle Mayor Says Police Will Return to 'CHOP' Protest Zone

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | Correctional officers complain about discrimination in guarding of Derek Chauvin ... A city council member is arrested in Los Angeles corruption case ... San Francisco's mayor wants to move ahead with reopening.

With Coronavirus Cases Climbing, Texas Governor Warns of Possible Restrictions—But Says They Will Be ‘The Last Option’

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | Sexual abuse survivors urge change to Utah's constitution ... Philadelphia city council members push for a stimulus package for Black neighborhoods ... Tennessee passes strict abortion law.

Contact Tracers Struggle to Get People to Answer Phones and Questions

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | Shooting in Seattle's CHOP area … Chicago police records won’t be destroyed … Columbus ditches Columbus statue.

Unemployment Claims Again Top 1 Million

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | Atlanta police call out sick in “a higher than usual number” … Alabama to appeal judge’s ruling on curbside and absentee voting … Washington state employee furloughs start this summer.

Ohio Mayors Launch Joint Effort for Police Reform

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Florida governor blames spread of Covid-19 in state on farming areas … Greensboro allocates money to repair businesses damaged by looters … Retail sales rise.

Former City Council Candidate Arrested in Shooting at Albuquerque Statue Protest

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | Iowa governor to sign order to allow people with felonies to vote … New Jersey police must report misconduct findings … Lawsuits filed against state-run nursing homes in New Jersey.

Gay and Transgender Workers Protected By Federal Employment Law, Supreme Court Rules

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | Louisiana governor vetoes “critical infrastructure” trespassing bill … Cuomo warns maskless New Yorkers that more lockdown could be coming … Rhode Island AG wants to handle more police misconduct cases.

DA Questions Atlanta Police Shooting, Says Charging Decision Could Be Ready Soon

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | The Tulsa health director expressed reservations about President Trump’s planned rally in the city this week … Minneapolis begins slow process of considering police dismantling … California police unions release their reform plan.

Seattle Mayor, Washington Governor Blast President Trump’s Warning to ‘Take Back’ City

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | Orange County loosens mask requirement ... Libertarians in Alaska sue over presidential election ... FEMA denies Texas' request for a disaster declaration for a 2019 tornado and other storms.

A Dip in the Public Pool This Summer? Local Leaders Weigh What’s Possible

Some states are giving the go-ahead for municipalities to open pools, but that doesn’t mean local governments will have the staff or financial resources to do so.

Virginia Plots Fall School Reopening, With Some Students Likely Back in Classrooms

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | Louisville police release nearly blank incident report in Breonna Taylor shooting … New Jersey freezes lead pipe plans … Georgia election problems to be investigated.

Kentucky Governor Wants State to Help All Black Residents Get Health Insurance

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | Long lines to vote in Atlanta ... Louisville could ban most no-knock warrants ... A climbing number of Covid-19 cases in Arizona.

New York Poised to Overturn Law Shielding Police Misconduct Records

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | New Jersey AG still sending out price gouging letters … Washington state will take up Tacoma police custody case … Austin opens up applications for people to be part of redistricting commission.

D.C.’s ‘Black Lives Matter’ Street Painting Gets a ‘Defund the Police’ Addition

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | State AGs sue over Trump administration’s rules on sexual assault hearings at colleges … Ohio water parks sue to open … New Mexico creates a new “racial justice” council.

Minneapolis Parks, Schools Cut Ties With Police Department

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | Racial slur uttered after Ahmaud Arbery shooting, defendant said … Las Vegas bans protesters from carrying backpacks … Hawaii warns of scams targeting sex offenders.