State and Local Roundup

Oregon Governor Signs Executive Order on Climate Change After Republican Walkout

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Washington legislature approves expanded tax exemptions for tribes … Pharmacists in Florida will be able to treat the flu … Mobile barbershops made legal in Iowa.

Utah Legislature Passes Porn Labeling Bill

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | State attorneys general try to stop televangelist peddling fake coronavirus cure … Washington Senate passes bill to end tax on menstrual products … Kentucky proposal calls for nonpartisan local elections.

Cities Consider Eviction Moratoriums During Coronavirus

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Medical debt bill passes in Idaho … Measure would lift a ban on yoga in Alabama … Florida may invest in recount technology.

Report: Vape Manufacturer Juul Has Been Spending Thousands on State Attorney General Races

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Durham hit by Russian malware … State banking associations call for passage of marijuana financing bill … Virginia passes gun background check legislation.

Philadelphia Unveils Sweeping Poverty Plan

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Chicago mayor rejects proposal to give away police firing authority … Colorado lawmakers push for public insurance option … Idaho increases fees for out-of-state hunters.

Cruise Ship Quarantined Off the Coast of California Due to Coronavirus Concerns

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Nineteen states sue over border wall … Parents sue Nevada over school funding … Colorado legislature passes bill to protect cyclists.

Wyoming Legislature Passes Bill to Ban University Health Plans from Covering Abortions

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | D.C. takes emergency steps to limit the spread of ghost guns … Spokane limits noise disturbances around health care facilities … Permitless gun carry legislation advances in Tennessee.

A Washington County Buys a Motel for Coronavirus Isolation

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Tornadoes in Tennessee … Jacksonville cracks down on sex trafficking … New Mexico establishes ‘Senior Dignity’ fund.

Changes May Come for California’s Gig Economy Law

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | New York creates text-based resources to quit vaping … Tucson mayor calls for removal of Confederate flags from annual parade … Kentucky governor defends photo with drag queens.

Maine May Create a Marijuana Crimes Unit

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Audit finds that California lottery owes schools $36 million … Connecticut lawmaker calls vaccines “witches brew” … D.C. sent out voter registration cards with wrong primary dates.

Philadelphia Safe Injection Site Faces Opposition and Then Cancellation

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Illinois bill would ban lawmakers from serving as lobbyists … California bill seeks to stop FEMA from recouping payments … Ex-Baltimore mayor sentenced in “Healthy Holly” case. 

Seattle Mayor Won’t Sign Legislation Banning Winter Evictions, But It Becomes Law Anyway

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | New Mexico enacts red flag gun legislation … Virginia establishes parole reforms … Massachusetts lawmaker wants to know how marijuana revenue is used.

Oregon Republicans Walk Out to Avoid Vote on Climate Change Bill (Again)

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Effort to expel Washington lawmaker accused of domestic terrorism fails … Alabama lawmaker proposes database for concealed carry permits … New Jersey governor proposes fee on businesses for Medicaid reliance.

Local and State Governments Object to Hosting Coronavirus Patients in Quarantine

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Two deaths at Mardi Gras parades in New Orleans … Arizona governor drops immigration proposal … New Jersey governor announced he will have surgery for a kidney tumor.

Washington State Legislation Aims to Make it More Difficult to Shoplift

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Hawaii legislature calls for reconciliation with Native Hawaiians … Long Beach City Council wants more control hiring and firing city employees … Democrats in Maryland say they won’t pass gun bill with mandatory minimums.

Some Residents of Conservative Oregon Counties Want to Become a Part of ‘Greater Idaho’

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Alabama medical marijuana bill advances … Texas planning to close two state prisons New Mexico creates education trust fund.

Alabama Lawmaker Proposes Mandatory Vasectomies in Response to Abortion Ban

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Voter ID law put on hold in North Carolina … New Mexico will import prescriptions from Canada … Trump pardons former Illinois governor.

Washington Senate Passes Bill to Discourage Ticket Quotas for Police

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Assault weapons ban fails in Virginia … Housing voucher protections pass in Atlanta … Denver mayor rejects measure to allow pit bulls.

Utah Saving Money By Sending State Employees to Mexico for Prescriptions

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Alaska may get a state lottery … Utah lawmaker wants warning labels for porn … Tennessee lawmakers consider making tampons tax-free for a weekend.

Iowa Legislation Would Create Registry for Crimes Committed by ‘Nonresident Aliens’

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | A county in Kansas is sending people to jail for medical debt … Massachusetts attorney general sues vaping company … Bill to end surprise medical billing in Georgia.