State and Local Roundup

State Attorneys General Combat At-Home Rape Testing Kits

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Connecticut governor plans to end religious vaccine exemptions … Undercover cop in St. Louis sues city … New Mexico moves to make college free for residents.

Kansas Eases Rules for Adults to Get Technical Training

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | California bans state travel to Iowa … Muslim mayor detained at airport … County in Virginia fuels EMS vehicles with wrong gas.

First Auto Workers Strike in 12 Years Affects Plants in Nine States

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | New York considers combining IDs and credit cards with smart chips … Kentucky governor won’t provide details on plane trips … Boston debates ban on protester masks.

Virginia AG Says Couples No Longer Need to Disclose Race on Marriage Licenses

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Florida legal marijuana push raises more than $1.2 million ... Gun rights protests in Columbus, Ohio ... Drugstores and drug distributors ask for a new judge in opioid lawsuit.

Southern States Have Shuttered 1,200 Polling Places Since 2013

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | States brace for Trump clean-water-regulation rollback … Michigan teacher pay stagnates … Alaska’s summer of warning-bell warming.

Purdue Agrees to Pay Billions in Tentative Opioid-Crisis Settlement With States and Cities

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | North Carolina politics, ooh boy … Massachusetts mayor facing charges not going to step down … New Mexico DA pushing ahead lethal force reform.

NRA Files Lawsuit Against San Francisco after City Supervisors Label It a Terror Group

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Seattle takes up crisis of missing and murdered indigenous women … North Dakota abortion language law blocked by judge … Missouri deep in red on jail payments to counties.

San Francisco Offers $2.5 Billion to Buy Part of Troubled Utility

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | A plan to reduce economic segregation in a Maryland school district … Maine to use ranked-choice voting in 2020… Play revives tale of larger-than-life mayor.

Wisconsin Funds Mental Health Services for Farmers

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | New York City Council discusses plans to close Rikers Island jail … Boston mayor investigates bribery at zoning board … Utah governor calls special session for marijuana.

New Jersey Reconsiders Corporate Tax Incentives

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Massachusetts sees support for ranked choice voting … Half of Wisconsin residents haven’t heard of state legislative leaders … California repeals law that requires residents to help police officers.

North Carolina Court Rules Electoral Maps Must Be Redrawn

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Texas leaders discuss background checks for guns … License plate changes in New York spark debate and conspiracies … Nashville mayor asks for repeal of legislation penalizing sanctuary cities.

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Paper Receipts to Survive in California

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Proposal in Alaska would limit events in breweries .. Austin City Council tries to move homeless encampments off sidewalks … Chicago Mayor spars over gun violence during Labor Day weekend.

Alabama Governor Criticized for Wearing Blackface in College

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | New York judge rejects ban on outside income for state legislators … North Dakota lawmaker to livestream committee meetings … Washington legislature plans to sue governor over vetoes.

Malfunctioning Voting Machines in Mississippi Spark Concerns

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Hurricane Dorian heads for Florida … New York police union issues vote of no confidence in mayor and police chief … North Carolina raises state worker salaries.

Court Upholds Ban on Atheists Saying Opening Prayers in Pennsylvania Legislature

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Purdue Pharma looks to settle state and local lawsuits … Idaho governor criticizes court over gender surgery decision … California legislature passes bill requiring greater financial transparency from Kaiser Permanente.

Drilling and Mining to be Allowed on Former National Monument Land

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Ohio Democrats set up gun control website … Women’s rights activists push Florida legislature to ratify Equal Rights Amendment … Minnesota Governor prepares for recreational marijuana.

Oklahoma Judge Rules Against Johnson and Johnson in Opioid Trial

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | North Carolina governor vetoes ICE cooperation bill … Virginia returns land to local tribe … Indiana national park reopens after chemical spill.

Illinois Sets New Minimum Salary for Teachers

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | California considers lowering voting age … Thousands of birds killed in Montana hailstorm … Pizza spat between New York City mayor and state’s governor.

Wisconsin Legislators Reignite Campus Free Speech Debate

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Los Angeles considers hiring homeless people for cleanup projects … Cars found blocking underground drains in New Orleans … West Virginia governor fights to live outside the state capital.

California Passes Law to Deter Police Shootings

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Kentucky’s governor and lieutenant governor face off in court … Dallas mayor forms task force to find solutions for violent crime … Baltimore city council passes new ethics laws.