State and Local Roundup

Seattle to Test Mobile Voting on Smartphones

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Georgia governor announced anti-trafficking measures … Idaho may legalize hemp growing … Los Angeles City Council gets involved in MLB sign stealing scandal.

A Proposal to Limit the Number of Bills State Senators Can Introduce

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Colorado may make HIV medication easier to access … Oklahoma lawmakers want ‘MAGA’ license plates … Virginia Senate passes three gun laws.

Thousands Rally for Gun Rights at Virginia Protest

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Florida Supreme Court rules on voting fines … Taxpayer bill of rights proposed in New Mexico … South Dakota may criminalize providing transgender healthcare to minors.

Tennessee Passes Measure Allowing Adoption Agencies to Deny Gay Couples

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Virginia passes Equal Rights Amendment … Utah governor stops distribution of condoms with local puns … Rappers Jay-Z and Yo Gotti file lawsuit against Mississippi prisons.

Delaware Could Become First State with Statehouse Workers Union

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Temporary gun ban in Virginia capitol … Idaho lawmakers press for LGBTQ protections … California may purchase land for a new state park.

Report: Detroit Homeowners Were Overtaxed by $600 Million

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | West Virginia Senate invites Virginia county to join the state … Maine governor vetoes sports betting legislation … California may consider constitutional amendment to deal with homelessness.

New Texas Law Bans Planned Parenthood from State Employee Charity Drive

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Washington state will consider CBD in food … Maryland governor introduces new anti-corruption legislation … Oregon attorney general announces a focus on labor trafficking.

West Virginia to Pursue Research for Alternative Uses of Coal

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | California may sell its own drugs to lower prescription costs … New York City will build a broadband network … Utah considers bill to require clergy to report child abuse.

Court Hears Case Over Ban on Secret Recordings of Public Officials

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Voter photo ID law proposed in Kentucky … Maryland governor wants to sue Pennsylvania over environmental concerns in Chesapeake Bay … Fight over vacant house in Oakland.

California to Open Vacant State Lands for Homeless Shelters

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Arizona legislators want to stop the sale of private land to the federal government … Boston mayor announces fund for housing construction … Kentucky attorney general promises movement on child abuse cases.

California Legislature Considers $4.2 Billion Bond to Prepare for Climate Change

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Illinois won’t help municipalities collect red-light camera ticket fines anymore … Bill in Pennsylvania would shrink the legislature … Virginia governor backs bill to make election day a holiday.

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Alabama Lawmaker Urges Expansion of ‘Stand Your Ground’ Law to Churches

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | New York governor announces $45 million to fight hate crimes … Memphis mayor announces ‘public service corps’ … Protestors make demands for greater homelessness resources in Salt Lake City.

Kentucky Attorney General Asks FBI to Investigate Former Governor’s Pardons

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Nebraska legislature considers law to protect teachers … Virginia governor wants statue of Robert E. Lee removed from U.S. Capitol … New Mexico implements parental leave for state employees.

New York City Mayor Vows to Increase Police Presence in Jewish Neighborhoods

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Oklahoma tribes file suit over casino contracts … Baltimore law barring “gag orders” of police settlements goes into effect … Illinois lieutenant governor buys mariijuana on first day weed is legal.

Growing Number of Republican-Led States Say They Will Accept Refugees

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Watchdog group sues San Diego over smart street lights … Washington legislators subject to public record requests .... Washington attorney general sues to stop courthouse ICE arrests.

Kansas May Pay Aerospace Workers After Boeing Suspends Plane Construction

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | New York City will add gender neutral option to death certificates … Group sues over increases to New York governor pay … Chicago to begin sales of legal marijuana in January despite controversy.

Pennsylvania Classifies Self-Assembled Gun Kits as Firearms In Order to Regulate Them

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Baltimore City Councilmember proposes tax credit for city workers … New Kentucky governor eliminates Medicaid work requirements … Atlanta to seal some marijuana convictions.

Supreme Court to Decide If Much of Oklahoma Is Still an Indian Reservation

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | South Carolina lawmaker wants women who are denied abortions to be paid as “gestational surrogates” … New Jersey legislature stalls vote on vaccine exemptions … Proposed investment in K-12 education in Virginia.

New York City To Require Housing for Homeless in New Construction

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Firefighters in Atlanta receive massive raise … Mississippi abortion ban rejected by appeals court … City council in Delaware demands more diverse police force.

Governor’s Pardons Before Leaving Office Prompts One State Lawmaker to Propose Restrictions

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Tax reform in Utah … Oakland considers housing homeless people on cruise ship … Virginia governor wants tuition-free community college.