Two Years After the Wayfair Decision, State Governments Still Lag on Modernizing Technology Infrastructure to Collect Online Sales Tax Revenue

COMMENTARY | Two years have passed since the landmark Supreme Court decision and the Covid-19 pandemic has put more emphasis on online sales tax revenue than ever before. As states grapple with budget shortfalls, leaders will need to carefully consider how technology is used to ensure that no tax revenue goes unaccounted for.

'Fire Through Dry Grass': Andrew Cuomo Saw COVID-19’s Threat to Nursing Homes. Then He Risked Adding to It.

A nursing home in Troy, New York, followed the governor’s order to accept patients being treated for COVID-19. Six weeks later, 18 residents were dead of the disease.

Multiple Gun Cases Rejected By Supreme Court

The court hasn’t handed down a major Second Amendment ruling in about a decade. On Monday, it for now put off the possibility of changing that anytime soon.

State Prosecutors and Voters—​​​​​​​Not the Feds—​​​​​​​Can Hold Corrupt Officials Accountable

COMMENTARY | U.S. Supreme Court decisions could make it more difficult to prosecute public corruption cases in federal court. But that doesn't mean there aren't other options.

Face Masks ‘Significantly Reduce’ Spread of Covid-19, Study Finds

“The effect is greatest when 100% of the public wear face masks,” researchers wrote, suggesting that officials should encourage people to cover their faces in public.

Is It Time to Create a National Registry of Police Misconduct?

Police officers who are fired for misconduct can often find law enforcement jobs in different jurisdictions. Some lawmakers think a national registry could prevent cops with shady records from being hired again.

A Governor Proposes Furlough Days, Some Layoffs to Help Balance Budget

Nevada is looking for ways to bridge a massive revenue shortfall brought on by the coronavirus.

From Jacksonville to Louisville, Confederate Statues Are Coming Down

Calls to remove the statues, denounced as symbols of white supremacy, were reignited in the wake of national protests against police brutality and the death of George Floyd.

Many Faithful Say It’s Time to Gather. Some Governors Disagree.

Religious restrictions have led to lawsuits in at least 30 states.

Looking to Upgrade Your IT System? Try Standing Up a Digital Services Team

COMMENTARY | Governments are running on IT systems that are too antiquated and complex to be effective. In light of the pressures caused by Covid-19, digital service teams are needed to help government officials upgrade their IT systems to better serve the public.

States Still Trying to Get a Handle on Virus Testing in Nursing Homes

Oregon this week became one of the latest states to move ahead with a testing initiative. People have been getting sick from the coronavirus in long-term care facilities at disproportionate rates.

New Coronavirus Hot Spots Emerge Across South And In California, As Northeast Slows

The U.S. is still seeing roughly 20,000 new cases a day.

States Contemplate Borrowing to Help Manage Pandemic’s Fiscal Impact

COMMENTARY | Short-term financing, Federal Reserve program may buy time, but budgets will need adjusting.

Report Says States’ Age Limits on Absentee Voting Are Unconstitutional

Seven states that require voters to provide an excuse in order to vote by mail allow older voters to cite their age as a reason to vote absentee.

State Bill Would Grant Meatpacking Plants and Health Providers Immunity from Coronavirus Lawsuits

Legislation approved by the Iowa House would shield businesses and health-care facilities from most coronavirus-related lawsuits.

Emergency Policies Curbed U.S. Virus Infections by 60 Million, Study Finds

“We see when we’re losing money, what we don’t see is lives that are never lost, people that never get sick because we all took preventative action,” said a lead author of the research.

Black Lawmakers Are Getting Pepper Sprayed at Protests

A county commissioner, a city councilman and a U.S. congresswoman attended a protest in Columbus to support demonstrators and encourage peaceful tactics. Then police showed up.

State and Local Public Workforce Hit With Thousands More Job Losses

The downbeat figures came as the unemployment rate overall showed signs of improvement in May after skyrocketing amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus Will Have an Unequal Impact on School Budgets

Districts that can largely support themselves with local tax dollars are in a better position as the economic downturn continues.

Antibody Tests Were Hailed As Way To End Lockdowns. Instead, They Cause Confusion.

Some communities considered community antibody testing as a way out of lockdown. But they've pulled back as they realized antibody testing is the Wild West in an oversight vacuum.