A City Looks to Expand Its Virus Tracing Workforce in Distressed Neighborhoods

Chicago is one of the latest jurisdictions around the U.S. seeking to beef up its contact tracing program. Experts say it’s a key step towards reopening the economy.

Wisconsin Governor Abandons Trying to Negotiate Statewide Restrictions

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Survey finds black and Latino businesses not getting aid … Analysis says air pollution hasn’t decreased dramatically, despite way less traffic ... Researchers question if removal of key staffer will make Florida data release less transparent.

Sending Support: Battling Isolation, Seniors Find Comfort in Pen Pals

Senior centers, nursing homes and long-term care facilities across the country have launched pen-pal programs to help older adults battle social isolation created by the coronavirus.

Wisconsin Supreme Court Strikes Down Stay-at-Home Order

The ruling, the outcome of the latest legislative challenge to Gov. Tony Evers' executive authority, leaves the state with a patchwork of city and county restrictions to stem the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

Decontamination Systems Can Rejuvenate First Responders' Masks

The systems, which are being deployed across the country, can disinfect up to 80,000 N95 masks per day, allowing each to be reused up to 20 times.

State Parks See Overcrowding as Temperatures Climb

State parks across the country have limited capacity to encourage social distancing, leading to closures over the weekend as temperatures warmed and people flocked outdoors.

Governors Immortalized as Bobbleheads for Coronavirus Response

The National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum immortalized four governors as bouncy-headed figurines for their state leadership during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Supreme Court’s Wisconsin Decision Is a Terrible Sign for November

COMMENTARY | The justices are forcing citizens to choose between voting and staying safe from the coronavirus. This fall’s election could be no different.

State Legislatures Scramble to Meet in the Age of Coronavirus

Lawmakers across the country rushed to pass resolutions permitting virtual meetings and remote voting, efforts they said were necessary to adhere to social distancing guidelines and protect legislators.

A Plan to Expand Workers Comp Benefits to First Responders with PTSD

The Wisconsin Senate this week approved a bill that would extend benefits available to full-time law enforcement officers and firefighters, but not apply to volunteers or EMTs.

A Proposal to Protect Referees From Angry Parents

A Wisconsin lawmaker, who is also a youth umpire, wants to increase penalties for harassing or intimidating sports officials, a move he hopes will improve recruitment and retention in the field of athletics.

Seven Cities in a Snowy State Ban Snowballs. Now One is Poised to Reverse Course

A handful of Wisconsin cities have identically worded ordinances that ban snowball fights in public places. After going viral for their policy, officials in Wausau are ready to change it.

Putting Men on Diaper Duty

Lawmakers in Wisconsin hope to require more public buildings to place diaper changing stations in both men's and women's restrooms, the latest state to debate this new twist for so-called "potty parity."

How Hundreds of Cities Have Simplified Solar

More than 300 municipalities have received designations from SolSmart, a national program that helps streamline permitting and zoning processes to make solar easier to obtain for residents and businesses.

A State Could Become the First to Fund Searches for Remains of MIA Soldiers

State legislators hope to fund a University of Wisconsin program that identifies remains of missing soldiers, allowing researchers to focus on finding service members from the Dairy State.

The Legislative Push to Bring Back Cursive

Lawmakers in Wisconsin are seeking to mandate cursive handwriting education in schools—part of a growing state trend.

Enlisting Truckers to Fight Human Trafficking

Lawmakers in Wisconsin are hoping to add human trafficking curriculum to classes for commercial drivers' licenses.

A State Opts to Use Added Online Sales Tax Revenue to Offer Income Tax Cuts

Wisconsin will soon begin collecting sales taxes from companies that provide online marketplaces for other vendors.

‘I Do Wall’ Seeks to Change Perceptions of Local Government

The clerk of Washington County, Wisconsin, wanted to do something special for couples applying for marriage licenses.

Planting a Habitat for Pollinators on City Streets

A pollinator protection task force in Madison, Wisconsin led to a median-planting project designed to provide a friendly environment for bees and butterflies.