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Dan Kopf

Health & Human Services

1 in 5 Americans Know Someone Who Has Been Addicted to Opioids

A Federal Reserve study looked at how people assessed the state of their local economy and the national economy, to see if the “deaths of despair” hypothesis of the opioid abuse crisis held true.


How Do New 'Supertall' Skyscrapers in U.S. Cities Measure Up to the Rest of the World?

San Francisco and Philadelphia are joining the ranks of global cities with towers that rise above 300 meters, a height that may seem puny across Asia these days.

Health & Human Services

The Future of American Jobs Is Taking Care of the Elderly

The number of U.S. workers in home health care jumped from less than 700,000 in 2002 to more than 1.4 million in 2017. Projections for the growth of elderly-care aides are consistent with recent history.


This Is Now the Nation's Richest Urban Area

Not only is the San Francisco Bay Area the nation's richest metropolitan area, household incomes there are also among the fastest growing.

Public Safety

Legal Marijuana Is Not Staying Where It’s Supposed to in the U.S.

New research shows that its tough to keep legalized marijuana from moving across state borders.


Economists Still Can't Decide Whether the Minimum Wage Is a Good Thing

Economists have been debating the merits of the minimum wage for more than a century.


Manufacturing Won’t Bring Workers to the Midwest

Wisconsin shouldn’t expect an influx of residents from upstate New York.


'Ban the Box' Laws Are Hurting Black Applicants

A Q&A with University of Virginia economist Jennifer Doleac, who studies crime and discrimination and thinks the policies are a quick fix to a larger problem.


This Massachusetts County Tells the 40-Year Story of U.S. Jobs

Service-sector work in health care and education is replacing manufacturing.

Public Safety

Police More Likely to Give White People Breaks on Speeding Tickets

The "I didn't see the sign" excuse works better in some parts of Florida than others.


The U.S. States That Rely The Most on Trade With China

A trade war with China would have the biggest economic impact on Tennessee, Washington, California and South Carolina.


Mapped: Where American Income Has Grown the Most Over the Past 25 Years

Explore the growth in average income by county, 1990 to 2015