Where Unpaid Water Bills Can Mean Losing a Home

Some cities slap liens on homes for unpaid bills, then sell those liens to the highest bidder.

‘Fake Meat’ Battle Spreads to More States

All of the bills are aimed at the same purpose—keeping non-meat products from being viewed and purchased as beef.

Clergy Child Abuse Reporting Laws Uneven, Leave Loopholes

What happens when priests or other clergy learn of child abuse during confession or other “clergy-penitent privilege" situations?

States Are Crafting Laws to Help Determine Pet Custody in Messy Divorces

Lawmakers are looking at a California law that just went into effect this month.

Regional Rivalries Arise in Dash for Sports Gambling Cash

Seven states have kicked off sports betting since a Supreme Court decision essentially making it legal.

More States Consider Restrictions On What Can Be Called Meat

Missouri passed a law banning food labels like "veggie burgers." Although that is being challenged in court, ranchers in other states are pushing for similar legislation.

States Look at 'Kill Switches' Used to Disable Cars With Late Payments

Legislation would require more disclosure to consumers ahead of devices being installed on vehicles.

How One State Decided to Scrap Licenses For Horse Massage Therapists

More and more states are loosening up job licensing requirements, as both free-market advocates and liberal groups argue to legislators that they are barriers to work.

Taking a U-turn on Red-Light, Speed Cameras

States and local governments are turning against traffic cameras.

In Tax-Free States, Businesses Squirm at Collecting Online Sales Taxes for Others

Many states are looking at how they can tax more online sales. But for states that don't collect sales tax, the issue is different.

Show Me the Money: Sports Betting Off and Running

Several states started to allow sports betting after the U.S. Supreme Court's decision overturning a federal ban. More are expected to follow.

Electric Bicycles Race Ahead of City and State Rules

Confusion, conflict and costly fines for riders of e-bikes.

Mobile Food Banks Roll to Isolated, Rural Poor

To tackle stubborn food insecurity in rural areas, one idea is to bring food to those who need it.

States Try to Silence Robocalls, But They’re Worse Than Ever

While some states are looking at stronger penalties and other measures, officials acknowledge curbing robocalls is a very difficult task.

What Trump's Pick for Supreme Court Could Mean for States' Rights

Nominee Brett Kavanaugh's skepticism about some federal regulatory power could end up reflected in states' rights cases.

She Sells Soda by the Seashore—But Maybe Not With a Plastic Straw

Some cities are banning plastic straws, while three state legislatures have debated the issue this year.

There Might Be a Cheaper Drug, But Pharmacists Can’t Tell You That

State legislatures consider proposals to eliminate the so-called gag rules that pharmacists say can prevent them from telling customers about cheaper drugs.

Hedge Those Bets: Sports Gambling May Not Be a Jackpot for States

Gambling experts warn that starry-eyed lawmakers might be overestimating their haul from legalized sports betting.

States Stumble on Internet Privacy

Broad-based consumer bills on internet privacy and net neutrality failed or are still pending as state legislative sessions wind down. And the ones that have passed have been limited.