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Emma Coleman

Emma Coleman
Emma Coleman is the assistant editor at Route Fifty. Prior to joining Route Fifty, Emma was the senior communications manager and a policy fellow for New America’s Public Interest Technology initiative, where her research focused on data improvements to the reentry process for people returning to D.C. after incarceration. She holds a BA from Stanford University in international relations and comparative studies in race and ethnicity, and is originally from Chicago.

Kansas Eases Rules for Adults to Get Technical Training

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | California bans state travel to Iowa … Muslim mayor detained at airport … County in Virginia fuels EMS vehicles with wrong gas.

Public Safety

Money for Silence: A Gag Order Policy with Legal Settlements Divides a Local Government

An executive order signed by Baltimore Mayor Jack Young says the city can’t offer “unreasonable” nondisclosure agreements to people who sue the city and work out agreements—but the city council might try to ban them outright.


First Auto Workers Strike in 12 Years Affects Plants in Nine States

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | New York considers combining IDs and credit cards with smart chips … Kentucky governor won’t provide details on plane trips … Boston debates ban on protester masks.

Health & Human Services

Wisconsin Funds Mental Health Services for Farmers

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | New York City Council discusses plans to close Rikers Island jail … Boston mayor investigates bribery at zoning board … Utah governor calls special session for marijuana.

Public Safety

A State Will Require Civics Education in Prisons

The goal of the new Illinois law is to reduce recidivism, help former prisoners reintegrate into their communities, and boost voter turnout.


New Jersey Reconsiders Corporate Tax Incentives

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Massachusetts sees support for ranked choice voting … Half of Wisconsin residents haven’t heard of state legislative leaders … California repeals law that requires residents to help police officers.


North Carolina Court Rules Electoral Maps Must Be Redrawn

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Texas leaders discuss background checks for guns … License plate changes in New York spark debate and conspiracies … Nashville mayor asks for repeal of legislation penalizing sanctuary cities.

Public Safety

911 Dispatchers Frequently Release Personal Information of Callers, Report Says

A report out of Chicago finds that the city’s 911 dispatch center is understaffed and doesn’t have clear policies around what information should get relayed on police scanners—creating the perfect environment for mistakes.


Paper Receipts to Survive in California

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Proposal in Alaska would limit events in breweries .. Austin City Council tries to move homeless encampments off sidewalks … Chicago Mayor spars over gun violence during Labor Day weekend.


Can We Predict The Next City with Unsafe Drinking Water?

With aging infrastructure and unexpected weather events, municipalities are facing more and more water safety issues.

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Alabama Governor Criticized for Wearing Blackface in College

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | New York judge rejects ban on outside income for state legislators … North Dakota lawmaker to livestream committee meetings … Washington legislature plans to sue governor over vetoes.


Some States Move to Curtail Suspension and Expulsion of Students

California and Texas have both made strides to keep young students—and particularly students of color—in the classroom.

Tech & Data

Malfunctioning Voting Machines in Mississippi Spark Concerns

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Hurricane Dorian heads for Florida … New York police union issues vote of no confidence in mayor and police chief … North Carolina raises state worker salaries.

Public Safety

At least 25% of People in Jail Are Booked More Than Once a Year, Report Says

A new report sheds light on how many people are arrested and booked into jail several times per year, often because of mental health or substance abuse problems.


Court Upholds Ban on Atheists Saying Opening Prayers in Pennsylvania Legislature

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Purdue Pharma looks to settle state and local lawsuits … Idaho governor criticizes court over gender surgery decision … California legislature passes bill requiring greater financial transparency from Kaiser Permanente.

Public Safety

The Cities Where You Can Pay For Parking Tickets with Donations

Some cities offer short windows where residents can opt to clear tickets by making donations, such as to schools and animal shelters.


Drilling and Mining to be Allowed on Former National Monument Land

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Ohio Democrats set up gun control website … Women’s rights activists push Florida legislature to ratify Equal Rights Amendment … Minnesota Governor prepares for recreational marijuana.


In These States, (Almost) Anyone But Lawmakers Can Do Redistricting

California pioneered the practice of creating an independent commission to draw new district maps. Every ten years, anyone in the state can apply for the job, except legislators and those who work with them.


Oklahoma Judge Rules Against Johnson and Johnson in Opioid Trial

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | North Carolina governor vetoes ICE cooperation bill … Virginia returns land to local tribe … Indiana national park reopens after chemical spill.