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Mike Murphy

Smart Cities

San Francisco Just Showed Scooter Startups It Won’t Tolerate Bad Behavior

The scooter wars are an embodiment of the “ask for forgiveness, rather than permission” mantra.


Apple Is Reportedly Opening Its Second Campus in North Carolina

Unlike Amazon's public HQ2 search, Apple's selection process is taking place entirely behind closed doors.

Tech & Data

UPS Tests Delivery Drone in Florida

'We’re an engineering company at UPS, it’s part of our DNA, of who we are.'

Tech & Data

Police Drones With Tasers and Pepper Spray? They're Legal in North Dakota

It’s the “Wild West” for unmanned aerial vehicles in the U.S. right now.


Data Scientists Have Isolated the Exact Times a Yellow Taxi is a Better Deal Than an Uber

The research team figured this out by comparing a list of trip and fare data for every yellow cab ride taken in 2013 with Uber’s system.