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Tanvi Misra

Tanvi Misra writes on immigration, housing, inequality for @citylab and @theatlantic.

Even Liberals Can Be Refugee NIMBYs

A new study finds that a collective action problem plagues support for settling displaced people in America.

Public Safety

The Rise of Rural Incarceration

Local jails in smaller counties are seeing enormous growth. A new report explains why.

Public Safety

Punishing Immigrants for Sprawl

The costs of living in a car-centric culture can be particularly hard on undocumented immigrants.

Public Safety

Are Refugees Dangerous?

In nine out of the ten cities that accepted the largest number of refugees, crime went down—sometimes dramatically.


Cities vs. Trump: Round 1

The city attorney of San Francisco, Dennis Herrera, just filed a lawsuit against the administration, citing a constitutional provision limiting federal power over states and localities.


A Complex Portrait of Rural America

New Census data show that the real differences between the city and the country may not match up with popular perception.


Ride-Hailing's Racial Reckoning

Researchers find that Uber and Lyft may not be as race-blind as many hoped.


Where Latinos Live Now

A new analysis by the Pew Research Center takes a deep dive into the changing geography of this much-discussed segment of the U.S. population.


A Peek Inside New York's Subway Redesign Plan

Governor Andrew Cuomo revealed details of his plan to make over the city’s aging transit system.


Now, North Carolina Wants to Hold City Infrastructure Hostage

Its cities must comply with anti-immigrant state laws, or face the funding consequences.


Where the Middle-Class Metros Are Now

A new analysis by the Pew Research Center pinpoints the areas with the largest shares of middle-income adults in the U.S.


After Backlash, North Carolina's Governor 'Clarifies' Anti-LGBT Law

Pat McCrory's new executive order seeks to walk back the law slightly, but critics aren’t buying it.

Smart Cities

The One-Stop Digital Shop for Digestible Data on Your City

MIT and Deloitte’s DataUSA website wants to make information about jobs, housing, demographics, and education easy to access and use.


Tracking Snow Plow Progress in Washington D.C.

The District maps its Winter Storm Jonas cleanup efforts.


Young, White Millennials Coming to a City Near You

White populations grew in America’s largest cities from 2010 to 2014, with Millennials leading the way.


This Unusual Affordable Housing Plan in Jersey City Might Actually Work

Tax incentives will steer mixed-income development to all neighborhoods if everything goes according to plan.


America Has Half as Many Hypersegregated Metros as It Did in 1970

That’s the good news. The bad: U.S. cities aren’t necessarily more integrated.


Most Millennials Don't Live Downtown

They’re living in cities, but they’re also priced out of central areas.