Michigan Has a Growing Salt-Water Problem

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Lime squeezed out of a Nevada city … more Valley fever cases in California … and a judge says Louisville must release its Amazon HQ2 proposal.

Smart Cities

Better Data Management is Key to Denver’s Smart City Aspirations

The situational awareness dashboard at the city’s Traffic Operations Center is the first step in a grander plan.

Health & Human Services

Courts Force States to Provide Costly Hep C Treatment

Although antiviral drugs treating hepatitis C have become cheaper, some states deny them to prisoners and Medicaid recipients. But court rulings and settlements are starting to require coverage.

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Tennessee Redefines the Customer Experience for Government Services

The Tennessee Department of Human Services (DHS) offers temporary economic assistance, work opportunities, and protective services that improve the lives of Tennesseans. By partnering with other agencies delivering services, the DHS helps citizens in need become self-sufficient and improve their quality of life. Part of the Tennessee State Government, the DHS shares the Governor’s priority of providing the best possible service at the lowest possible cost.


Elizabeth Warren’s Ambitious Fix for America’s Housing Crisis

The Massachusetts Democrat introduced legislation that takes aim at segregation, redlining, restrictive zoning, and the loss of equity by low-income homeowners.


Rising Sea Levels Put Additional Homes at Risk During Hurricane Florence

An analysis by a national nonprofit found that 11,000 homes in the Carolinas were flooded due to rising sea levels.

Public Safety

Waiting for What Florence’s Floodwaters Will Bring Next in the Carolinas

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Ohio’s background check difficulties … New York City’s open data updates … and Florida’s new fight against algae blooms.

Public Safety

Criminal Justice Experts, DOJ Spar Over Who’s to Thank for Crime Decreases in 2017

Violent crimes dipped in the first year of the Trump administration, but that coincides with state and local strategies focused on community policing and criminal justice reforms.

Public Safety

ICE’s Expanded Use of Local Law Enforcement Came Without Adequate Planning or Resources

A new federal audit says the number of people managing the program for state and local agencies needs to be dramatically increased.


‘Pink Wave’ May Give More Women a Seat at the Table in State Legislatures

“Not only are women motivated to run, they are running,” according to Lindsay Crete, deputy campaign communications director for state and local races at EMILY’s List.


As More Cities Push for Paid Sick Leave, States Push Back

A dozen states in the past three years have banned local governments from forcing private employers to provide paid sick leave benefits.


Looking at Bus Stop Improvements and Transit Ridership Impacts

While research is limited, one study found that “improved bus stops are associated with a statistically significant increase in overall ridership and a decrease in paratransit demand.”

Public Safety

Why Back-Up Battery Power for Garage Doors Can Be a Matter of Life and Death

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Mich. governor hopes to end labor dispute … “green slime” surrounds ritzy Fla. community … and a new site for massive Minn. homeless camp.


Navigator Award Finalists: The Next Generation

Up-and-coming leaders are empowering women to pursue emergency management careers, building entrepreneurial skills among youth, housing citizens, saving lives, and just plain making government better.


A Grassroots Call to Ban Gerrymandering

Voters Not Politicians gathered an astounding 425,000 signatures in Michigan to secure a spot on the November ballot for a proposed constitutional amendment creating a citizens’ commission for redistricting.

Public Safety

Will California Make It Harder for Police to Use Deadly Force?

A change in standards could be copied by other states, but has not yet gained enough traction in the state legislature.


Lawsuit Will Test State Plan to Shift Retiree Drug Coverage to Medicare

Maryland enacted changes to save billions of dollars on health care coverage for retired public employees. But a rollback of prescription drug benefits has led to a court challenge.

Health & Human Services

Most Hospital ERs Won’t Treat Your Addiction. These Will.

In most places across the country, opioid addicts can't get addiction medication in ERs. But some have started to do things differently.

Smart Cities

The Interstate Corridors Most Primed for Autonomous Trucks

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Massachusetts State Police indictments … Boise’s renewable energy goal … and Vermont EMT apprenticeships.