Can You Hear Me Now? In Quest for Federal Money, States Debunk Providers’ Coverage Claims

Rural states, from Kansas to Vermont, are challenging the contentions of cell phone providers that residents have access to high-speed mobile broadband in a bid to be eligible for federal funding.


Mayors Seek ‘Federal Partners’ Amid Shutdown

Public health and housing are immediate concerns, but the leading city officials are also pushing an infrastructure wishlist in Washington this year.


Bill in New Mexico Aims to Stymie Trump’s Border Wall Construction

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | L.A. teacher strike resolution … D.C. Council overturns mayor’s veto … Dallas STD spike … and a statewide rent control proposal in Oregon.

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Digital Disaster Resilience in State and Local Government

Be it a hurricane, wildfire, disease outbreak, or other natural or manmade disaster, emergency situations are immensely disruptive. And while state and local government spends considerable budgetary and human capital on first response solutions, ancillary government functions can be lost in the shuffle.


What Democratic and Republican Mayors Agree On

Mayors of all stripes are frustrated with the effects of rising housing costs, but disagree on a range of other issues, according to the 2018 Menino Survey.

Public Safety

Restrictive Handgun Law to Be Considered by Supreme Court

The New York City law restricts gun owners from transporting an unloaded handgun, locked in a container away from ammunition, outside their homes unless heading to a gun range in the city.


Let’s Make This the Last Shutdown. Please.

Congress and the president could avoid all future shutdowns by passing a law that automatically kicks in to fund the government at current levels until a permanent appropriation is enacted.


America’s Teachers Are Launching a Rebellion

From West Virginia to Oklahoma to Los Angeles, educators are ushering in a new era of labor activism.

Health & Human Services

Rural Hospitals in Greater Jeopardy in Non-Medicaid Expansion States

Of the 600-plus rural hospitals at risk of closing, Texas has the most facilities in danger, a study found.


What Truckers Want in Exchange for Interstate Tolls

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Sheltering the homeless amid bitter cold … Helena mayor’s journey to city hall from Liberia … and N.Y. governor cuts municipal aid.

Health & Human Services

As States Monitor Federal Shutdown, One Could Run Out of TANF Funding in February

The Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program's authorization expired in December, prompting states to use limited leftover funds.


A State Pension Proposal That Promises Near-Term Savings, But Higher Future Costs

Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly included the “reamortization” plan in her first budget. It’s proving to be controversial.


Blame Sacramento

ANALYSIS | In the L.A. teachers’ strike, the state is the real problem.


What the Camp Fire Revealed

ANALYSIS | Two months after disaster struck, the recovery in Paradise, California, is harder for some than for others.


Where Public Sector Union Membership Is Shrinking and Growing

Newly released employment numbers show a small decline last year in the rate of public sector union membership.


Colorado Joins States Seeking to Boost Electric Vehicle Sales

Automakers are slow to sell EVs in places without zero emission vehicle mandates, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council.


Black Southerners Are Bearing the Brunt of America’s Eviction Epidemic

Princeton's Eviction Lab has found that the South is home to most of the top-evicting large and mid-sized U.S. cities.


Trump Administration Tries to Thwart States’ Unemployment Plan

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Arizona’s rainy-day fund … Iowa mayor arrested for pot-growing operation … and Seattle mayor will pursue new streetcar.


Microsoft’s Big Pledge to Help Build Affordable Housing in the Seattle Area

The move by the company is “potentially groundbreaking” and an acknowledgment that “government alone cannot really solve” the housing crisis.

Public Safety

White House Snubs Disaster Relief Funds Proposed in House Bill

The $14 billion package lawmakers passed this week appears to be going nowhere fast—at least for now.