Kansas Gov.-Elect Vows to Scrutinize State’s No-Bid Contracts

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Small-town sex trafficking in South Dakota … counties with the most deportations … and North Carolina vaccination exemptions.


State Revenue Volatility and Optimal Reserve Size Are Directly Linked

Comparison of states provides insight into their ability to weather an economic downturn

Tech & Data

Kentucky’s Approach to Modernizing State Agency Apps

Service delivery is the focus of CIO Chuck Grindle’s second year at the IT helm.

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The Evolving Role of the State CIO

This year’s election cycle will bring in a new group of state CIOs, which presents both opportunities and challenges for the CIO community.

Health & Human Services

Farm Bill Could Result In Food Stamp Changes for States and Recipients

States would get a heavier paperwork burden and 600,000 to 900,000 impoverished households could see a cut in food stamp benefits, a Mathematica analysis says.

Public Safety

Poor and Minorities Face Outsized Wildfire Vulnerabilities, Study Finds

The analysis looks at both fire hazards and "adaptive capacity" in communities around the U.S.

Public Safety

A Thanksgiving Tradition: Cooking Mishaps That Keep First Responders Busy

Give thanks to those fighting major wildfires, but also to those who will respond to your deep-fried turkey disaster or when you simply forget about the yams in the oven.

Public Safety

‘Painstakingly Difficult’ Efforts to ID Camp Fire’s Victims as Death Toll Rises

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | States report continued low unemployment … Massachusetts marijuana sales … and San Diego’s costly broken sidewalks.

Health & Human Services

Florida Files Opioids Lawsuit Against Walgreens and CVS

“We will continue to pursue those companies that played a role in creating the opioid crisis,” the Florida attorney general said.


With Teacher Sexual Misconduct, Making Sure ‘Bad Apples Get Weeded Out’

2018 NAVIGATOR AWARD WINNER | Tara Bergfeld, principal legislative research assistant, Tennessee Comptroller’s Office


Connecticut Tolling Plan Offers $1 Billion in Projected Revenue

A report released by the state shows some of the different proposed costs for commuters, out-of-state truckers and others using the proposed tolled routes.


Despite Major Wildfires, Most Calif. Local Governments Won’t Feel Credit Ratings Impacts

Only small towns and school districts facing significant damage and weak liquidity will likely feel pressure, according to Moody’s.


Austin's Paid Sick-Leave Law Scrapped by Court

A three-judge panel found the city ordinance essentially regulated workers’ wages, which Texas law mandates can only be done by the state.


The Case For Embracing Transparency

COMMENTARY | It's time to rethink and reframe our approach to public records.

Public Safety

Commission: Feds ‘Should Return to Vigorous Enforcement of Constitutional Policing’

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Stronger-than-expected early snowfall in Northeast … Detroit mayor spied on … and N.M. cities sue state over tax money.

Health & Human Services

The Number of Teens Who Vape More Than Doubled In The Last Year

The FDA moved Thursday to impose new restrictions on how stores can sell e-cigarettes.


Flint Congressman Not Giving Up on Push to Assist Struggling Cities

Rep. Dan Kildee, of Michigan, believes his efforts could gain new traction in a Democratic controlled House.


When Elon Musk Tunnels Under Your Home

The billionaire is drilling for futuristic transit under Los Angeles. He didn’t have to ask the neighbors first.


Campaign to Automatically Expunge Criminal Convictions Targets States

“This is the epitome of the failed big government system, the criminal justice system,” said the senior vice president of Koch Industries, an advocate in the fight to expunge and seal criminal records.