Speak Bluntly and Carry a Big Stick: Using Straight Talk As a Crisis Communication Tool

COMMENTARY | Governors and mayors are engaging in direct and honest messaging to motivate residents’ responses to the coronavirus pandemic.


Pockets of Rural America Are Less Vulnerable to Economic Fallout—For Now

The states least affected by the huge spike in unemployment claims are largely rural.

Health & Human Services

Absent State Action, a Georgia County Forged Ahead

As Covid-19 loomed, Carroll County leaders began pondering their own lockdown. Their decision may have saved lives.

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Health & Human Services

‘Staying Away From Grandma’ Isn’t An Option In Multigenerational Homes

More than 64 million Americans live in multigenerational households, often a combination of adult children, their parents and grandchildren.

Tech & Data

One Coronavirus Model Offers More Optimistic Projections

An updated estimate from the University of Washington decreased the expected number of deaths related to Covid-19 by more than 11,000. But other models offer more devastating projections.

Health & Human Services

State and Local Officials Call for Residents to Wear Masks

A city in Texas apparently became the first in the country to institute a fine for residents who don’t wear masks to places like grocery stores.

Health & Human Services

Wisconsin’s Warning for the November Election

How are people expected to vote if they’re not supposed to even leave their homes?


Government Secrecy is Growing During the Coronavirus Pandemic

COMMENTARY | Instead of limiting access, agencies can use this crisis as an opportunity to make government even more accessible to the public it serves.


The Economy Is Ruined. It Didn’t Have to Be This Way.

COMMENTARY | Almost 10 million Americans have already filed for unemployment benefits. Congress can still act to stem the tide.

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5 Ways Government IT Leaders Can Tap AI To Boost Security

Ultimately, IT and security teams will need to find new avenues and partnerships that will allow them to embrace these data challenges on the horizon and keep pace with rapidly changing threats.


In an Airport City, Coronavirus Travel Slump Stokes Budget Worries

SeaTac, Washington is in relatively good financial shape. But its tax revenues depend heavily on a sector that’s taking a beating during the disease outbreak.

Health & Human Services

'It Can Happen to Anybody': When Coronavirus Spreads at a Local Health Department

Six employees at the Toledo-Lucas County Health Department tested positive for coronavirus. All were key to the department's pandemic response plan, leaving officials scrambling to find replacements.

Health & Human Services

One City Is Rolling Out Weekly Testing of First Responders and City Workers

The mayor of Carmel, Indiana said that regular testing of frontline workers for Covid-19 is critical to flattening the curve and saving lives.

Health & Human Services

Pandemic-Stricken Cities Have Empty Hospitals, But Reopening Them Is Difficult

In Philadelphia, New Orleans, and Los Angeles, shuttered hospitals that once served the city’s poor and uninsured sit at the center of a public health crisis that begs for exactly what they can offer: more space.

Public Safety

Are Gun Stores Essential During a Pandemic? Depends on Where You Live

The U.S. Department of Homeland issued guidance that deems firearms stores essential services, but state and local governments have drawn different conclusions on whether gun stores should remain open.


Canceling Everything Was the Easy Part

COMMENTARY | Shutting entire states down was painful but clearly necessary. Governors still have many ugly choices ahead of them.

Health & Human Services

One City Is Paying Restaurants to Make Meals for Homeless Shelters

The initiative in Cambridge, Massachusetts serves two purposes: ensuring homeless people have meals and keeping local restaurants afloat during the pandemic.