How Rural Areas Like Florida’s Panhandle Can Become More Hurricane-Ready

Better preparation can help make communities more resilient in the face of major disasters.


Cities Are Losing Ground in the Fight to Protect Workers

Thanks to a recent Supreme Court ruling, corporations are increasingly using forced arbitration to undermine state and local worker protections.


Neighbors Suing Over Pig Fumes Spur 'Right-to-Farm' Push

At least nine states have enacted or considered a “right to farm” this year.

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Perils And Payoffs On The Path To Customer-Centric Digital Government

Digital interactions are an opportunity for governments to delight, add value, and strengthen the relationship with citizens. Read this study to learn government’s top priorities for digital CX in the next 12 months.

Health & Human Services

Proposed Immigration Changes Already Having Effects, Research Finds

A change to the "public charge" rules under consideration by the Trump Administration is discouraging immigrants from applying for benefit programs, according to research from the Urban Institute.

Health & Human Services

Rapid Opioid Cutoff Is Risky Too, Feds Warn

Two federal agencies caution doctors not to taper high-dose pain patients too quickly.


Tennessee Speaker of the House Announces Resignation

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | North Carolina city sues company to take down large American flag … Controversy arises over proposed mine in Arizona … New York passes bill eliminating loophole for presidential pardons.

Smart Cities

Smart Cities Can Get Smarter in Protecting Residents

COMMENTARY | As cities and residents race to become more connected, we must consider how to protect public and private digital property.


One City May Become the First to Directly Fund Abortion Access

The New York City comptroller has proposed directing $250,000 to an abortion access fund in response to tightening abortion restrictions around the country.


Despite Resistance, Cities Turn to Density to Tackle Housing Inequality

Residential "upzoning” policies being adopted from Minneapolis to Seattle were once politically out of the question. Now they’re just politically fraught.

Public Safety

States Introduce New Laws to Keep Abused Women Out of Prison

New laws in New York and elsewhere could keep women out of prison for crimes against their abusers.


Poll: Despite Struggles, Rural Americans Feel Connected to Communities

Civic engagement is high among rural residents, which may offset negative feelings about financial insecurity and access to health care.


Washington, D.C. Considers Allowing Residents to Issue Parking Tickets

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Albuquerque considers charging for car crash costs … St Louis County may require landlords to accept housing vouchers … Montana provides student loan aid to young farmers.


Federal Court Blocks City From Enforcing Lawn Sign Restrictions

A homeowner in Missouri is challenging a local ordinance that only allows people to have a single two-sided sign in their yards.


How One City Handles Complaints About Its Transit System

San Francisco’s BART System doesn’t just tweet back at people complaining on social media, but also tries to tap into the information to help guide maintenance, cleanup, and repair in real time.


Economists Remain Worried About Slow-Growing Middle Class

By 2017, the number of households still had not recovered to the levels of 2000.

Public Safety

States Should Unlock Student Financial Aid for People in Prison

COMMENTARY | Many states still prohibit people from receiving state financial aid for college in prison. They could change that.


Having a Library or Cafe Down the Block Could Change Your Life

COMMENTARY | Living close to public amenities—from parks to grocery stores—increases trust, decreases loneliness, and restores faith in local government.


Court Settlement Allows KKK Rally in Ohio City

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Texas Senate passes “Save Chick-fil-A” bill … Tax proposals scrapped in California … Louisiana debates abolishing the death penalty.


How to Change Policy Without Politicians

As Arkansas politics becomes more conservative, voters are using the ballot for progressive ends.