Public Safety

California Passes Law to Deter Police Shootings

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Kentucky’s governor and lieutenant governor face off in court … Dallas mayor forms task force to find solutions for violent crime … Baltimore city council passes new ethics laws.


The First Drag Queen Elected to Local Office Is Making a Run for Congress

Maebe A. Girl, the self-described “larger-than-life” candidate, is challenging one of the current stars of the Democratic party.

Tech & Data

How 3-D Mapping Technology Could Improve Firefighter Safety

Memphis is experimenting with technology more frequently used for autonomous vehicles to create indoor maps of buildings for first responders.

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4 Steps to Creating a Smart City

Thoughtful leadership, trust and perseverance are just a few of the principles that make smart cities a success, according to Martin O’Malley, former Maryland governor and Baltimore mayor.

Public Safety

The Car Seat Industry Helped Delay a Child Safety Regulation—Again

A long-delayed safety standard for children’s car seats in side-impact crashes is being pushed back further. The industry is arguing that the government should not act without also updating its other safety standards for car seats.

Health & Human Services

Joe Camel Was Forced Out Of Ads. So Why Is Juul Allowed On TV?

Many public health advocates are skeptical of the company’s repeated assertions that adult smokers are its target audience.


The Case Against Paper Straws

COMMENTARY | They’re a single-use, disposable consumer item—a greener option, but not a green one.


Your Brain Doesn't Recharge If You Use Your Phone on Break

Participants in a study who used their phone during breaks experienced the highest levels of mental depletion.


Voters in One City to Decide On an Unusual Pension Funding Proposal

A pending ballot proposition in Phoenix calls for imposing strict limits on city spending until funding for the city’s retirement programs reaches a certain threshold.


Cherokee Nation Wants to Be the First Tribe With a Representative in Congress

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Cleveland considers gunfire detection system … Chicago mayor proposes taxing “high-end” services to close budget gap … Police officer involved in Eric Garner’s death fired.


Traveling to This Airport? Bring Your Own Water Bottle.

San Francisco International Airport banned the sale of single-use plastic water bottles as part of a larger goal to become zero-waste by 2021.

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Health & Human Services

After A Rural Hospital Closes, Delays In Emergency Care Cost Patients Dearly

Nationwide, more than 110 rural hospitals have closed since 2010, and in each instance a community struggles to survive in its own way.


What U.S. Cities Facing Climate Disaster Risks Are Least Prepared?

New studies find cities most vulnerable to climate change disasters—heat waves, flooding, rising seas, drought—are the least prepared.

Public Safety

Ohio Gov. Says Fentanyl Can’t Be Used for Capital Punishment

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Arizona to make cities pay for minimum wage increases … Dayton mayor ups security after Trump insults … Mississippi health workers to ask for state help with mental health crisis.

Tech & Data

Coordinated Ransomware Attack in Texas Seen as Escalation From Prior Hacks

Twenty-three local governments were attacked over the weekend. The willingness of city governments to pay ransoms may be emboldening opportunistic hackers, security experts warn.


How Residents Help Replenish One State's Seed Stores

Minnesota recruits "private pickers" to harvest cones and seeds for reforestation projects by paying by the bushel.


Scoot Aside E-Scooters, Rental Mopeds Are Zooming In

Cities involved in the pilot say the mopeds will provide an environmentally-friendly and affordable option for commuters. Some are worried about the safety implications, though.


Why Can’t I Take Public Transit to the Beach?

In the U.S., getting to the beach usually means driving. But some sandy shores can still be reached by train, subway, and bus.