Health & Human Services

U.S. Supreme Court Rejects Appeal of California Ruling on Lead Paint Remediation

In a long legal battle, a coalition of cities and counties sued manufacturers under the state’s “public nuisance” law.


As Sears Declares Bankruptcy, Sites of Shuttered Stores Present Economic Development Challenges

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Minnesota data breach … Fresno officials scoff at proposed e-scooter fines … and N.Y.C. pension funds warm up to de Blasio divestment plan.


How a Midsize U.S. City Is Preparing to Host One of the World’s Largest Sporting Events

The IAAF track-and-field world championships are still three years away. Local officials in Eugene, Oregon may be “slightly nervous” but are embracing an “opportunity to really shine.”

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Empowering Child Welfare Agencies to Recruit and Retain High Quality Foster Care Parents

Home is where the heart is, they say. This is the driving sentiment for state child welfare agencies committed to helping more than 428,000 children in the U.S. find the right home with a foster family.

Public Safety

A DNA Database With 2% of The Population Can Be Used to Find Almost Anyone

Familial DNA testing has opened up a powerful new technique for identifying people.

Public Safety

‘Marsy’s Law’ Protections for Crime Victims Sound Great, but Could Cause Problems

Six states have approved the victims' rights constitutional amendments, with voters in six more soon expected to consider similar measures.


California Mayors Slam Increased Fee to Abandon Utilities as Corporate ‘Giveaway’

Switching to an environmentally friendly community choice energy program will cost customers a bit more every month.

Smart Cities

Resilient Cities Look to Community Development Financial Institutions for Investment

A number of cities are rolling out resilience strategies full of projects that need funding, and impact and mission-related investors make a good fit.

Public Safety

Taking Stock of Hurricane Michael’s Widespread Devastation

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Mass. mayor arrested … testing out a mass vaccination plan in Minnesota … and N.Y. comptroller’s dismal report on MTA finances.

Health & Human Services

As Climate Change Worsens, Mental Health Probably Will Too

Researchers in one survey found that, on average, every additional 1 degree Celsius of warming over five years was linked to an increase of mental health issues in those areas by 2%.


This State Could Outlaw Ballot Collection Efforts

In Montana, many voters, including Native Americans, rely on volunteers to collect and deliver their absentee ballots. But a referendum next month would end the practice.


San José and Airbnb Partner to Provide Emergency Temporary Housing

After severe flooding last year, the city hopes to have shelter lined up ahead of time for the next disaster.

Public Safety

Washington Supreme Court Strikes Down Death Penalty

The justices found racial bias in the imposition of capital punishment by juries.


Los Angeles to Expand Cyber Lab with Federal Grant

The lab, established last summer, is a public-private partnership aimed at protecting the city from hacker attacks.


'Opportunity Zones' on Agenda for Trump, Kanye West Meeting

The new economic development program is of interest to state and local leaders.

Tech & Data

Program Pairing Governments and Startups Launches Latest Round

Participants in the Startup in Residence program are seeking solutions for about 80 “civic challenges.”

Public Safety

Staggering Damage as Michael Plows Through Florida Communities

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Mass. governor: State Police shouldn’t destroy payroll documents … an ‘antsy-pantsy’ mayor in Vermont; and a Utah transit budget boost.

Public Safety

The Sudden, Shocking Growth of Hurricane Michael

In little more than a day, a Category 1 storm became a “worst-case scenario” Category 4.


Rent Control Gearing Up to Be One of California’s Biggest Ballot Measure Fights on Election Day

Proponents say it is necessary in an increasingly unaffordable housing market, but many local government officials say passing Prop 10 will pave the way for tenant rights groups to run roughshod over elected representatives.


Outgoing Colorado and Ohio Governors Riff on Economic and Education Policy

Govs. John Hickenlooper and John Kasich appeared together at an event focused on “forgotten Americans.”