Health & Human Services

How 10 Cities Are Testing What Works to Increase Economic Mobility

COMMENTARY | City leaders are tapping into data to figure out policies that will improve the prospects of people struggling in communities across the country


A Political Action Committee in Utah Under Scrutiny

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | New York considers ending its surrogacy ban … Supreme Court allows Virginia electoral map to remain … Texas Gov. vetoes car seat legislation.


A State Proposal to Cremate Bodies the Jedi Way

Missouri lawmakers passed a bill that would legalize open-air human cremation, similar to Darth Vader's funeral.

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Doing Good with Government Data

You may wonder where to start in using analytics to improve operations and enrich the lives of citizens. Quite simply, analysis begins with a problem. What issue do you want to solve? What task needs to be simplified?

Public Safety

Supreme Court Upholds Right of States and Federal Government to Prosecute for Same Crime

The 7-2 ruling affirms an exception to “double jeopardy” protections, finding that states and the federal government are “separate sovereigns” with the ability to prosecute an individual for the same offense.


No African American Has Won Statewide Office in Mississippi in 129 Years—Here's Why

COMMENTARY | The structure of Mississippi elections may prevent minorities from winning offices.

Health & Human Services

It's Getting Easier to Find Out If a Beach Might Make You Sick

Chicago is the only major U.S. city to use a new method to test for bacteria at most of its beaches—and then issue same-day swimming advisories.


Philadelphia City Council Approves Controversial Natural Gas Plant

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | New York eliminates religious vaccine exemptions … Florida governor considers garden regulation bill … Chicago mayor debuts new workers’ compensation plan.


The Fight to Recruit and Retain Paramedics

The EMT shortage is difficult to quantify, but agency officials agree it's an issue across the country.


Feeding a City with an Open Farm

How the city and non-profit groups rallied a community to create a seven-acre “food forest” that provides fresh fruits, herbs, nuts, and vegetables to anyone who wants to pick them.


Maryland Has Created a Truth Commission on Lynchings—Can It Deliver?

COMMENTARY | In April 2019, the state of Maryland established a truth commission to investigate the lynchings of at least 40 African Americans between 1854 and 1933.


How Some Shrinking Cities Are Still Prospering

A study finds that some shrinking cities are prosperous areas with smaller, more-educated populations. But they also have greater levels of income inequality.

Health & Human Services

Drug Users Armed With Naloxone Double As Medics On Streets Of San Francisco

Data suggests that in San Francisco, the users may be reversing as many overdoses as paramedics — or more.


New York Lawmakers Pass Stronger Tenant Protections

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Massachusetts legislature passes millionaire’s tax … Dallas limits bulky trash … A city in Louisiana reverses a ban on baggy pants.


A High Stakes Debate Over an Environmental Permitting Law That Empowers States

States have blocked pipelines and coal facilities using the process. President Trump and some Republicans are pushing to revamp it.


Kansas City Region Selected as New Home for USDA Research Agencies

The move is expected to bring 550 jobs to the Kansas City region. Officials have not decided whether the USDA facility will be located in Missouri or Kansas.


Cities Outline Their Challenges to the FCC's 5G Rule in Court Filings

Local governments filed briefs this week in a lawsuit that asserts the FCC overstepped its authority in crafting broad restrictions on municipalities' ability to regulate and charge for deployment of 5G technology.


Training for a Changing Workforce

Future job growth isn’t just about the number of jobs, but the quality—those that have benefits and provide advancement opportunities. How do we train workers for those types of jobs?