Health & Human Services

Early in the Season, Flu Widespread in 10 States

Public health officials said they hope to improve both information sharing and vaccine manufacturing to reduce the spread of flu in the near future.

Health & Human Services

The Healthiest—and Unhealthiest—States

Reduced smoking rates, not much violent crime and low reports of sexually transmitted diseases make Vermont the healthiest state in the country, according to rankings released this week.

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State and Local Agencies Can Bolster Security by Combating Complexity

What are the takeaways from NASCIO's 2019 Annual Conference? We discuss cybersecurity, IT infrastructure, and data challenges at scale.


Trump’s Border Wall Threatens an Arizona Oasis

COMMENTARY | Many fear that the thirty-foot wall with nighttime floodlighting will harm wildlife, lower the water table and destroy archaeological treasures.


Rural America Sees Biggest Income Dips—and Jumps

Per capita income in the United States rose 4% last year to $54,000.


What the Gentrification of Baltimore's Chinatown Means

As developers turn to Baltimore’s historical Chinatown, Ethiopian residents worry about displacement while others worry about cultural commodification.


A City Sues Itself to Stop a Marijuana Ballot Initiative

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | New York City debuts cargo bikes program … Ohio may ban local plastic bag ordinances … Texas representative drops reelection bid after remarks about Asian opponents.


With 2020 Agenda, Mayors Stake Out Positions on Housing, Guns and Climate

The local leaders also address a range of other issues in their new platform that they want presidential candidates and other contenders for federal office to take notice of.

Public Safety

Local Law Enforcement Rejects New County Law Criminalizing Behavior that ‘Annoys’ Police

Local law enforcement leaders in Monroe County, New York said Wednesday they won't arrest people for annoying their officers, rejecting a new law signed on Monday.

Health & Human Services

Almost 700,000 to Lose Food Stamp Benefits Under Finalized Trump Administration Rule

A new USDA rule, one of several that has been under consideration, would make it more difficult for states to obtain work requirement waivers for the federal food stamp program.

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Swim Classes for Truck Drivers? Utilities Adapt to Climate Change, Flooding Threats

Water and sewer utilities are on the front lines as local governments grapple with severe weather, natural disasters and other climate-related fallout.

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IT Consolidation - What’s Next for Government and Education Modernization Initiatives?

IT consolidation has been a high-priority government and education initiative for many years.

Smart Cities

Why We Should Stop Conflating Cities With Innovation and Creativity

COMMENTARY | The language we use to discuss innovation and creativity has such a pro-urban bias that we’ve forgotten these qualities flourish outside of cities, too.


Record Cyber Monday Boosts State Tax Revenue

Cyber Monday sales this year were up nearly 20% compared to last year.


Why the 21st-Century Economy Prizes Overwork

The digital age has liberated the tools of productivity from the office, and chained workers to their computers.


Newark Mayor Sues New York City Over Relocation of Homeless Population to New Jersey

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | New congressional maps approved in North Carolina … Chicago mayor fires police superintendent weeks before retirement … New bill aims to crack down on car break-ins in California.

Health & Human Services

Congressional Proposals Would Pay For Recycling Education at Local Level

Two new bills would provide funding for state and local governments to better educate consumers about what can and cannot be recycled in an effort to reduce waste.

Public Safety

A Local Government Makes It Illegal to ‘Annoy’ Police

Opponents say the law passed in Monroe County, New York, is too vague and likely unconstitutional.

Health & Human Services

HIV Treatment, Testing Not Reaching Enough People, CDC Says

New data shows that current treatment, testing and prevention methods are not reaching enough Americans to help curtail new HIV cases, which federal officials said underscores the need for expanded options.

Public Safety

A Town Moves Forward After Two 'Thousand-Year' Storms

After two historic floods in less than two years, officials in Ellicott City, Maryland, are putting their hopes in a long-term rebuilding plan that officials say aims to balance recovery and resiliency with historic preservation.