Public Safety

Ohio Gov. Says Fentanyl Can’t Be Used for Capital Punishment

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Arizona to make cities pay for minimum wage increases … Dayton mayor ups security after Trump insults … Mississippi health workers to ask for state help with mental health crisis.

Tech & Data

Coordinated Ransomware Attack in Texas Seen as Escalation From Prior Hacks

Twenty-three local governments were attacked over the weekend. The willingness of city governments to pay ransoms may be emboldening opportunistic hackers, security experts warn.


How Residents Help Replenish One State's Seed Stores

Minnesota recruits "private pickers" to harvest cones and seeds for reforestation projects by paying by the bushel.

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4 Steps to Creating a Smart City

Thoughtful leadership, trust and perseverance are just a few of the principles that make smart cities a success, according to Martin O’Malley, former Maryland governor and Baltimore mayor.


Scoot Aside E-Scooters, Rental Mopeds Are Zooming In

Cities involved in the pilot say the mopeds will provide an environmentally-friendly and affordable option for commuters. Some are worried about the safety implications, though.


Why Can’t I Take Public Transit to the Beach?

In the U.S., getting to the beach usually means driving. But some sandy shores can still be reached by train, subway, and bus.


Governors Are Losing the Space to Govern

COMMENTARY | As the bulk of state spending shifts toward mandatory programs, experimentation is grinding to a halt in the laboratories of democracy.


Iowa Governor Blocks State From Joining Clean Energy Lawsuit Against Trump

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Texas governor forms domestic terrorism task force … Nevada creates Patient Protection Commission … Los Angeles city employees exposed to “trash and bodily fluids.”


Congestion Pricing Not Just for Big Cities, Report Says

A new report by the National League of Cities recommends small cities could use congestion pricing plans to prevent being overwhelmed by traffic as they grow.


State Rules 'Polygamy Porter' Unsuitable for Sale

North Carolina's alcohol board refused to allow the beer to be sold in the state because its label depicts polygamy, an illegal act.

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Public Safety

Trying to Stop ‘Swatting,’ a City Creates a Registry to Flag False 911 Calls

Seattle police created the first online registry that asks residents to help them identify potential swatting victims.

Health & Human Services

Shouldn’t There be a Law Against Reckless Opioid Sales? Turns Out, There Is

COMMENTARY | The massive scale of prescription opioid shipments as the ongoing overdose epidemic unfolded has started to come into focus.


Alaska Still Hasn’t Saved Its Universities

The governor agreed to halve his proposed budget cuts. But the school system still stands to lose $70 million.


The Innovations of the Creative Class Affect a Rural Area’s Fortunes

A new study measures innovation and shows that when found in rural areas, it is tied to significant presence of the creative class.

Health & Human Services

A New Flint? Another City Hands Out Bottled Water Because of Lead Concerns

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Six police officers shot and injured in Philadelphia standoff … Plastic bags killing cattle in Texas … Governors of Kansas and Missouri end “border war”

Health & Human Services

This State Official Would Like You to Mail Her Your Ticks

Patti Casey, an environmental surveillance program manager for the state of Vermont, oversees three tick-monitoring programs, including one where she collects ticks by mail from residents.


Turnpike Fees are Constitutional, Appeals Court Rules

A federal appeals court found the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission was within its rights to use toll fees for purposes other than upkeep of the highway.