Health & Human Services

Millions of Americans Rely on Crowdfunding for Medical Expenses

A new survey estimates that 20% of adults in the U.S. have donated to a crowdfunded medical campaign.

Alabama Lawmaker Proposes Mandatory Vasectomies in Response to Abortion Ban

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Voter ID law put on hold in North Carolina … New Mexico will import prescriptions from Canada … Trump pardons former Illinois governor.

Five Years Later, HIV-Hit Town Rebounds. But The Nation Is Slow To Heed Lessons.

Since Austin, Indiana’s 2015 crisis, drug-fueled outbreaks have occurred in more than a half-dozen other communities.

One Month Out, Watchdog Warns About Census IT and Cybersecurity Challenges

The Census Bureau this month switched the internet response system that respondents will use to complete the 2020 census questionnaire. The last-minute change worries the Government Accountability Office.

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Optimizing the Caseworker

To best support children and families, caseworkers need tools that reflect the financial reality of their clients. Read GBC's new issue brief to understand how leveraging data and simplifying processes can help caseworkers move beyond the reactive, punitive model of child support enforcement and better serve citizens.

Federal Appeals Court Blocks Medicaid Work Requirements

An Arkansas program that required most Medicaid recipients to work, volunteer or attend school to receive health coverage was "arbitrary and capricious," a three-judge panel ruled unanimously.

A Coronavirus Quarantine in America Could Be a Giant Legal Mess

COMMENTARY | America’s defense against epidemics is divided among more than 2,000 individual public-health departments, which makes implementing a national strategy very difficult.

Utah Saving Money By Sending State Employees to Mexico for Prescriptions

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Alaska may get a state lottery … Utah lawmaker wants warning labels for porn … Tennessee lawmakers consider making tampons tax-free for a weekend.

New Hampshire Reconsiders Opioid Prescription Rules Amid Fears Chronic Pain Patients Are Suffering

A bill before the New Hampshire legislature would clarify that opioid prescribing guidelines shouldn’t dictate care for chronic pain patients.

Changing Clocks Is Bad For Your Health, But Which Time To Choose?

The time change, especially in the spring, has been blamed for increases in heart attacks and traffic accidents as people adjust to a temporary sleep deficit.

The Secondhand Smoke You’re Breathing May Have Come From Another State

COMMENTARY | Emissions can cross state lines.

A Teacher Said Her Boss Wouldn't Allow Breast Milk Pumping. Now Georgia Lawmakers Are Pushing a Bill.

Federal law requires employers to provide certain accommodations for breastfeeding women, but some careers, including teachers, aren't covered.

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Conservative Indiana Adopted Needle Exchanges But Still Faces Local Resistance

After an HIV outbreak, the state legalized the exchanges. But five years later, they only exist in nine of Indiana's 92 counties.

We Shouldn’t Wait for a Crisis like Coronavirus to Fund Public Health

COMMENTARY | During emergencies, state and local agencies will be lauded for their efforts and suddenly flush with funding. But then the money disappears. It’s time to break that cycle.

Containing the Coronavirus

In King County, Washington, the public health department is relying on temporary staff hired for measles and hepatitis A outbreaks to help investigate a confirmed case of coronavirus.

Some Nonprofit Hospitals Aren’t Earning Their Tax Breaks, Critics Say

Half of all charity care in Chicago falls to one health system.

Seeking to Deter Would-Be Social Media Stars, Legislator Wants to Crack Down on Ice Cream Licking

A bill in Arizona would make it illegal for people to lick ice cream and return it to the store shelf, a response to a video that went viral last summer.

20 Seconds to Optimize Hand Wellness

One of the world’s most crucial and selfless acts is still simply washing your hands.

Preeminent Hospitals Penalized Over Rates Of Patients’ Injuries

Under the law, Medicare is mandated each year to punish the quarter of general care hospitals that have the highest rates of patient safety issues.

States Move to Protect Anesthetized Women from Non-Consensual Pelvic Exams

The controversial practice is condemned by major medical organizations, but still legal in most states.

Why Home Health Care Is Suddenly Harder To Come By For Medicare Patients

Home health agencies across the country are grappling with a significant change in how Medicare pays for services.