Health & Human Services

This Isn’t Sustainable for Working Parents

The pandemic has already taken a toll on the careers of those with young children—particularly mothers.

As Covid Testing Soars, Wait Times For Results Jump To A Week—Or More

People going to coronavirus testing sites are finding it often takes a week or more to get results back. That means patients don't have the information they need to change their behaviors.

A Spike in People Dying at Home Suggests Coronavirus Deaths in Houston May Be Higher Than Reported

In Houston, one of the nation’s fastest-growing coronavirus hot spots, more residents are dying before they can make it to a hospital. Medical examiner data shows that an increasing number of these deaths are the result of COVID-19.

Medical Sector Grapples With Troubling Protective Gear Shortages

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Utah governor considers statewide mask mandate ... Virginia governor asks schools to change Confederate names ... Atlanta mayor rebukes National Guard deployment.

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Optimizing the Caseworker

To best support children and families, caseworkers need tools that reflect the financial reality of their clients. Read GBC's new issue brief to understand how leveraging data and simplifying processes can help caseworkers move beyond the reactive, punitive model of child support enforcement and better serve citizens.

Local Rollout of Contact Tracing Apps Can Help Combat Skepticism, Experts Say

The smartphone technology can be useful for notifying people who’ve come in contact with someone infected with the coronavirus, but getting people to download the apps is proving to be a challenge.

Supreme Court Says Employers Can Deny Birth Control Coverage Due to Religious or Moral Objections

In a 7-2 decision, the court said the Affordable Care Act grants the federal government power to "identify and create exemptions from its own guidelines."

The U.S. Is Repeating Its Deadliest Pandemic Mistake

More than 40 percent of all coronavirus deaths in America have been in nursing homes. Here’s how it got so bad, and why there might still be more to come as cases surge in the Sun Belt.

In Texas, Individual Freedoms Clash With Efforts To Slow The Surge Of Covid Cases

Unless the spread of the virus is mitigated, Houston hospitals could exceed existing capacity by mid-July.

Coronavirus Crisis Disrupts Treatment For Another Epidemic: Addiction

Drug rehabs have experienced coronavirus outbreaks that have forced them to close or operate at reduced capacity, limiting the availability of treatment.

Ohio Suicide Study Finds Alarming Rise Over Past Decade

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | Atlanta mayor tests positive for Covid-19 … Governors’ businesses got PPP loans ... Black Lives Matter mural defaced.

Social Isolation: The Covid Pandemic’s Hidden Health Risk for Older Adults, and How to Manage It

COMMENTARY | Without frequent and meaningful social interactions and stimulation, older people’s cognitive functioning can decline.

Scolding Beachgoers Isn’t Helping

People complain that going to the shore is a careless act during a pandemic, but the science so far suggests otherwise.

Florida Tops 200,000 Coronavirus Cases as ICU Beds Fill Up in Some Tampa Bay-Area Hospitals

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | Principals told to quarantine after coronavirus exposure at meeting … Pennsylvania Supreme Court rules for governor on emergency powers … Portland, Oregon extends police union contract.

Oklahoma Voters Narrowly Approve Medicaid Expansion that Republican Lawmakers Rejected

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | Oregon voters might decide on psychedelic mushrooms … Kansas City mayor says he received a death threat over mask requirements … Florida’s governor says state is not “going back, closing things.”

Hollowed-Out Public Health System Faces More Cuts Amid Virus

Public health agencies at every level of government received budget cut after cut over recent decades. Now, facing a global pandemic, they are getting cut again.

It's Time for Governors to Get Tough with Coronavirus Again

COMMENTARY | The recent surge of coronavirus cases has brought us back to square one of our response due to the premature end of statewide stay at home orders.

Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should

As states and cities waffle on pandemic restrictions, public health has become individuals’ responsibility.

Workers Filed More Than 4,100 Complaints About Protective Gear. Some Still Died.

Since March, thousands of COVID-related complaints regarding health care facilities have poured into the nation’s network of federal and state OSHA offices.

Supreme Court Strikes Down Restrictive Abortion Law

It was the first major abortion case heard by Supreme Court since the addition of two new conservative justices.