Health & Human Services

Tightening Requirements for Vaccine Exemptions

Under a new law in California, state public health officials will have final authority over the validity of children's medical exemptions for vaccinations.

Purveyors Of Black-Market Pharmaceuticals Target Immigrants

Immigrants are purchasing a wide array of illegal medications in black markets that are common in California, Arizona, Maryland, Texas, Virginia, and Washington.

The Private Option

One company has become the biggest provider of jail health care. Sheriffs are worried: “If you’re the only dance in town, you can pretty much call your own shots.”

How This State Is Using a 'Netflix Model' to Treat More People for Hepatitis C

Louisiana partnered with a pharmaceutical company to provide hepatitis C treatment to Medicaid and incarcerated patients at a fixed cost.

Obesity Rates Are Highest in These Nine States

Obesity rates continue to grow, particularly in the South and Midwest, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Judge Rules all U.S. Cities, Counties Have Stake in Opioid Settlements

U.S. District Judge Daniel Polster’s ruling broadens the scope of participants in the ongoing multi-district litigation brought against prescription drug companies.

Purdue Agrees to Pay Billions in Tentative Opioid-Crisis Settlement With States and Cities

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | North Carolina politics, ooh boy … Massachusetts mayor facing charges not going to step down … New Mexico DA pushing ahead lethal force reform.

What Happened After a School District Began Feeding Students Breakfast in Classrooms

Springfield Public Schools offer free breakfast to all students in their classrooms, helping boost attendance and graduation rates while decreasing hunger across the Massachusetts school district.

Why Community-Owned Grocery Stores Like Co-ops are Better at Revitalizing Food Deserts

COMMENTARY | Walmart and other major retailers vowed to build hundreds of stores in food deserts. What happened?

'Gravely Disabled' Homeless Forced Into Mental Health Care in More States

Nearly a third of U.S. homeless people are living with serious, untreated mental illness.

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Eight States See Rise in People Lacking Health Insurance, Census Data Show

National estimates indicate an increased share of Americans don’t have coverage.

A Ticket to Ride: Will Busing the Homeless Help or Just Move People Along?

In King County, Washington, a local lawmaker wants to spend $1 million to offer free bus tickets to homeless people to help them reunite with family.

Food Stamp Recipients in Some States Would Be Hit Harder than Others by Trump Proposal, Analysis Says

A policy analysis also found that a proposed change to food stamp eligibility rules would affect more people than federal estimates had originally anticipated.

In Cherokee Country, Opioid Crisis Seen as Existential Threat

Hundreds of Native children have been removed from their opioid-addicted parents.

Wisconsin Funds Mental Health Services for Farmers

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | New York City Council discusses plans to close Rikers Island jail … Boston mayor investigates bribery at zoning board … Utah governor calls special session for marijuana.

Groupons For Medical Treatment? Welcome To Today’s U.S. Health Care

Groupon has offered deals for various lung, heart and full-body scans across Atlanta, as well as in Oklahoma and California.

States Should Look to Nurse Practitioners to Fight Against Opioid Epidemic

COMMENTARY | Nurse practitioners can help fill provider shortages and provide treatment to individuals addicted to opioids.

Teaching Caregivers to Also Care for Themselves

A stress-busting course for caregivers offered by a New Jersey county aims to counteract the negative physical and emotional effects that come with providing support for a loved one.

Hospital Closures in Rural Areas Linked With Uptick in Inpatient Deaths, Study Finds

New research focused on California finds that hospital closures in urban areas didn’t have the same effect.