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Our Health Care Debate Is Focused on Insurance. That’s a Mistake.

COMMENTARY | We need to broaden the conversation from a narrow discussion of health insurance to a larger conversation about health.

Medicaid Tweak Might Offer Means To Improve U.S. Maternal Health

A fairly minor policy option could make a major difference: increasing access to Medicaid for postpartum women.

A Mayor Went on a Police Ride-Along. What He Learned Changed How His City Looks at Mental Health

Fishers, Indiana established a city-wide mental health task force to reduce the stigma associated with mental illness. Five years in, officials say the results are real.

Ohio Considering Opposing Bills on Abortion Reversal

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Legislation to stop phone scams in Georgia … New York to establish first veterans cemetery … Socialist Seattle City Council member prevails despite Amazon opposition.

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Optimizing the Caseworker

To best support children and families, caseworkers need tools that reflect the financial reality of their clients. Read GBC's new issue brief to understand how leveraging data and simplifying processes can help caseworkers move beyond the reactive, punitive model of child support enforcement and better serve citizens.

In the One State that Tested the Census, Concerns About Reaching Hard-to-Count Residents

The census deployed the only end-to-end test for the 2020 census in Rhode Island. But it didn’t assess efforts to reach communities of people who could be hesitant to participate, something local leaders are now trying to figure out.

Tobacco Flavor Bans Multiply, But Menthol Continues to Divide

The flavor bans that are currently sweeping the country have more to do with e-cigarettes than menthol cigarettes.

Rural Seasonal Workers Worry About Medicaid Work Requirements

State officials in Montana estimate that up to 12,000 people will lose health coverage when work requirements are put in place.

As States With Legal Weed Embrace Vaping Bans, Black-Market Risks Linger

Many cases of vaping-related injury seem to involve THC, health officials say. That's led some states to take another look at the safety of the regulated cannabis market, as well as the black market.

One City is Giving People a ‘Prescription’ to Eat Fruits and Veggies

New York City is trying to make healthy food more accessible to its residents, including helping low-income people shop at farmers markets.

Preterm Birth Rates Continue to Rise

The number of babies born before 37 weeks of gestation rose nationally for the fourth consecutive year, according to data from March of Dimes.

As Meth Use Surges, One Region Tries to Combat ‘The Pull’

Meth 2.0 is stronger and cheaper than the old home-cooked variety.

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The Missouri Health Department Was Tracking Women’s Periods

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | North Carolina congressional maps must be redrawn … Chicago teachers reach agreement to end strike … Pennsylvania legislature considers harsher punishment for hate crimes.

Rural and Safety Net Hospitals Prepare for Cut in Federal Support

Many safety net and rural hospitals have slim or negative operating margins.

Report: How Cities Can Meet the Needs of Growing Senior Populations

From encouraging development of accessible and affordable housing to training older adults so they can get back into the workforce, the Milken Institute Center for the Future of Aging highlights ways cities are engaging with seniors.

A Legislative Campaign to End Youth Tackle Football

A lawmaker in New York reintroduced a bill to ban tackle football for young children, continuing a debate over the safety of the sport.

To Lower Maternal Mortality, One City Is Thinking Holistically About Women’s Health

Washington, D.C. is trying a variety of strategies to reach women before, during, and after their pregnancies.

Hospitals Take Shot At Opioid Makers Over Cost Of Treating Uninsured For Addiction

Hospitals estimate treating patients with complicated addictions costs an average of $107,000 per person.

Nothing Can Alleviate the Pain of a Stillborn Baby. But States Consider Helping with Parents' Financial Burdens

Several states have passed laws allowing parents of stillborn babies to claim tax credits. Several others have proposed it.

When Residents Say ‘No’ to Aerial Mosquito Spraying

When states use pesticides to slow the spread of insect-borne diseases, should households be allowed to opt out?

This Coroner Will Now Track Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

When investigating deaths, the Los Angeles County coroner will start collecting the gender identity and sexual orientation data, along with tracking suicide rates, violent deaths and hate crimes against LGBTQ people.