Public Safety

Trump Tells Governors They Must ‘Dominate’ With Protest Response and Vows to Order Military Deployment

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | Los Angeles Metro apologizes for weekend transit shutdown that stranded riders … Pennsylvania governor promises school reopenings … Boston tries to rapidly build out bike lanes.

George Floyd Case Renews Calls to Limit Legal Immunity for Police

The U.S. Supreme Court is considering whether or not to take up a series of cases that challenge the legal doctrine of qualified immunity, which has been used to shield officers from civil liability over their actions.

Protesters Demand Defunding and Demilitarization of Police

In cities across the country, protest organizers say they want less money from local government budgets going to the police.

Protests and Unrest Continue In Cities Across America

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | Supreme Court lets state church restrictions stand … Arizona challenges Google location tracking policies … Boston Marathon canceled.

Minneapolis Leaders Condemn Unrest As Governor Calls Up National Guard

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Positive Covid-19 case in Pennsylvania legislature causes stir … New York City mayor eases retailers ability to walk away from leases … Oklahoma governor vetoes medical marijuana delivery bill.

Minneapolis Officers Fired After Man Dies in Police Custody

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | No raises for city workers in D.C. … Shutdown Colorado restaurant sues governor … Illinois moves toward allowing Chicago casino.

Being in Jail Has Become a ‘Death Sentence,’ Advocates Say. Detainees Are Suing to be Released.

People in jails with medical vulnerabilities and short times left on their sentence are suing for release—and if that fails, they want masks, gloves, and the space to socially distance.

Did That Drone Just Tell Us to Stay 6 Feet Apart?

Police have deployed drones to check if residents are complying with social distancing requirements. One department even briefly considered using them to scan crowds for fevers.

For Firefighters Battling Wildfires, Coronavirus Adds New Risks to Already Dangerous Job

States plan to change many usual practices to help prevent the disease from spreading among firefighters, as well as evacuees.

Militias Direct Coronavirus Anger at State and Local Governments

Frustrated by the pandemic measures imposed by governors and local leaders, militia leaders have been part of organizing protests and say they are aided by an influx of new members.

Texas Does Away with Jail Time for Violation of Coronavirus Orders

Gov. Greg Abbott’s reversal stands in contrast to strict enforcement in Hawaii and some other states as leaders continue to grapple with the virus outbreak.

Hoping to Spark Joy, Firefighters Conduct Birthday Drive-Bys

Across the country, fire departments are lighting up their trucks to drive through the neighborhoods of kids who can't have birthday parties because of Covid-19.

Ending 'Acceptable Losses' in Disasters: How Emergency Management Can Help Build More Equitable Communities

COMMENTARY | Disasters disproportionately affect the most vulnerable. The emergency management enterprise can help reverse this trend by prioritizing and investing in equity.

Canceled Fundraisers, Fewer Volunteers: Small Fire Departments Face Their Own Coronavirus Challenges

Staffing shortages, fundraising difficulties and a lack of personal protective equipment have forced rural and volunteer-driven fire departments to adapt quickly.

Supreme Court Dismisses First Major Gun Case in a Decade

But at least four conservative justices made clear they would like to see the court take up another gun rights case soon.

Senators Press White House to Up FEMA’s Cost-Share With States

They and others say that with the costs of responding to the coronavirus outbreak stacking up for states, the federal government should do more to help.

Some Local Officials Lash Out At State Restrictions to Combat Virus

Sheriffs and some Republican local officials in a few Democratic-led states are saying they won’t enforce governors’ orders, and at least one is vowing a challenge in court.

Coronavirus Makes Bail Reform Efforts More Urgent

Some jurisdictions have released many pretrial detainees in an effort to decrease jail populations during the pandemic, taking steps bail reform advocates sought for years.

States Share Covid-19 Patient Addresses with First Responders

The move to share the home addresses of people who have tested positive for the coronavirus is meant to protect police and emergency workers, but some say the disclosures could give them a false sense of security.

Are Gun Stores Essential During a Pandemic? Depends on Where You Live

The U.S. Department of Homeland issued guidance that deems firearms stores essential services, but state and local governments have drawn different conclusions on whether gun stores should remain open.