Public Safety

After Virginia Beach Mass Shooting, Report Calls for Improved Security and Other Changes

The independent report made 58 recommendations, ranging from significant changes to the city’s management of human resources to increased workplace violence prevention training.

The Growing Campaign for Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to Stay an Execution

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Rhode Island to help LGBTQ veterans … California attorney general sues Facebook over privacy violations … Federal judge says Trump can’t sue the New York attorney general over tax returns.

The New First Responder Crisis: Not Enough Dispatchers

COMMENTARY | What can governments do to recruit and keep the “first” first responders?

A City Could Wipe Away 55,000 Old Warrants

More than 44,000 people in New Orleans have warrants for traffic violations and what advocates call “crimes of poverty.” City leaders say the system needs to be overhauled.

New York Mayor Faces Criticism for Police Commissioner Pick

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Recanvass in Kentucky governor’s race … Montgomery rejects proposal to criminalize giving money to homeless people … Sioux Falls legalizes beekeeping.

Don’t Make Intimate Violence Victims Look for Help

COMMENTARY | Research shows victims fare better when police and community organizations coordinate assistance.

Closing the Gaps in State Sexual Assault Laws

North Carolina has been the only state where women can't revoke consent. Newly passed legislation could change that.

Employers Are Still Avoiding Former Inmates

Dozens of states and D.C. have restricted when companies can ask about job applicants’ criminal records—but many aren’t following the rules.

Oklahoma Has Largest Single-Day Commutation in U.S. History

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Controversy in Maryland over Blue Lives Matter flag … New York City bans foie gras … Trump and California governor spar over wildfires.

Meth Trip Or Mental Illness? Police Who Need To Know Often Can’t Tell

Police in many areas of the country where meth has maintained a steady presence have more experience making an assessment, but in many parts of the Northeast, the onslaught of meth is new.

Paramedics Slower to Respond After Deadly Incidents, Study Finds

When emergency workers handle a serious call during the course of a shift it can have a nearly immediate negative affect on job performance, according to new research.

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Did Body Cameras Backfire?

Body cameras were supposed to fix a broken system. What happened?

A Move to Allow Digital Driver’s Licenses as a Legal Form of ID

Under a Colorado program, bars and other businesses will have the choice of whether or not to accept them. Similar initiatives are taking shape in other states.

Deaths Attributed to Those With Concealed Carry Permits Tracked in New Report

Researchers found 1,335 deaths in the past twelve years, spread across 40 states.

As Cyclist and Pedestrian Fatalities Rise, Watchdog Flags Shortcomings With Traffic Safety Data

A federal oversight agency is offering recommendations for improving the consistency and availability of fatality and injury statistics reported by states.

South Dakota Drops Parts of Law Prohibiting Pipeline Protests

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Florida governor wants NCAA athletes to get paid … Ohio leaders consider what to do with opioid settlement money … Longest serving state legislative leader plans to retire.

Why One City Offers Art Classes Instead of Court Dates for Low-Level Offenses

Since a diversion program, Project Reset, started in Manhattan, district attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. says that prosecutions for low-level offenses have halved.

Have We Become Too Paranoid About Mass Shootings?

COMMENTARY | Over the course of your life, you’re far more likely to die in a car crash, in a fire, or by choking on food.

To Tackle Drug Use, Researchers and People With Addiction Alike Turn to Online Forums

Semi-anonymous forums on places like Reddit and Bluelight give researchers insight into the world of those who try to quit drugs on their own.

New York Considers Requiring Additional Gun Training for Police Officers

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Pacific Northwest looks to bird conservation … Sacramento to receive Major League Soccer team … Kim Kardashian-West makes a request of Texas governor.