State Government

Under Pressure, Florida Governor Finally Orders Residents To Stay Home

Florida joins more than 30 other states and the District of Columbia in moves that have similarly restricted residents and businesses. Gov. Ron DeSantis’ decision came as Texas and Pennsylvania took similar action.

Lessons from States that Embraced Telework Before the Coronavirus

COMMENTARY | How to avoid certain pitfalls now that many—or most—employees must now work from home.

Extended Income Tax Deadline Is Yet Another Coronavirus Budget Curveball for States

Shifting the due date for income tax filings to July from April will likely create some budget gaps that states will have to manage in the final months of their fiscal years.

State Legislatures Scramble to Meet in the Age of Coronavirus

Lawmakers across the country rushed to pass resolutions permitting virtual meetings and remote voting, efforts they said were necessary to adhere to social distancing guidelines and protect legislators.

$60 for Toilet Paper? How Attorneys General Are Fighting Price Gougers

State attorneys general are inundated with price gouging complaints and working with online retailers to crack down on overpriced items.

Some States Stall Plastic Bag Bans During Coronavirus Outbreak

Lawmakers and some store chains are temporarily banning reusable bags amid fears that their usage could help spread coronavirus.

Coronavirus Is Slamming State Unemployment Systems

Funding is one concern, another is handling an unprecedented wave of claims.

Distilleries and Breweries Begin Manufacturing Hand Sanitizer Amid National Shortages

Dozens of businesses across the country switched production from booze to sanitizer after two federal agencies relaxed manufacturing guidelines amid the Covid-19 outbreak.

Hoping That Insurance Expansion Will Help Tamp Outbreak, 9 States Reopen Marketplaces

The states that have reopened exchanges have more flexibility than most states to create a special enrollment period because they run their own health exchanges.

Vermont and Minnesota Now Recognize Grocery Employees as Emergency Workers

Minnesota and Vermont declared some food workers "essential personnel," giving them access to child care during working hours.

Close the Churches

COMMENTARY | State and local shutdown orders shouldn’t exempt religious gatherings, and those communities should comply.

Coronavirus Threatens to Blow Big Holes in State Budgets

States are dealing with financial uncertainty as they spend to combat the virus, but also face the possibility of lost revenues as the disease puts a major drag on the economy.

The Pandemic Reminds Us Why Governors Still Matter

COMMENTARY | Governors across the United States have taken a proactive, hands-on response to the coronavirus pandemic.

How I Finally Got a Coronavirus Test

After almost a week of illness and testing negative for flu, strep throat and mono, a reporter on Monday is tested for Covid-19.

San Francisco Bay Area Counties Order Residents to ‘Shelter in Place’

Counties in the San Francisco Bay Area became the first jurisdictions in the country to order residents to “shelter in place.” Across the country, some governors and mayors ordered bars, restaurants, movie theaters, and gyms to close.

How ‘Ghosting’ Afflicts Public Sector Recruitment

COMMENTARY | Too often, that perfect candidate just disappears.

Trump Promises Expansion of Coronavirus Testing As States Grapple With Outbreak

New York said Friday that a new federal approval will allow it to soon conduct more tests in a day than it has carried out to date.

How to Understand Your State’s Coronavirus Numbers

As the outbreak spreads, state websites are still some of the best sources of information on how many people have been tested.

From Ohio to Washington State, New Bans of Large Gatherings to Stem the Coronavirus

Local and state governments are looking to slow down the spread of coronavirus, banning large events across the country. The strictest measures are coming from the Seattle region, where Covid-19 cases have continued to mount.