State Government

State and Local Public Workforce Hit With Thousands More Job Losses

The downbeat figures came as the unemployment rate overall showed signs of improvement in May after skyrocketing amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus Will Have an Unequal Impact on School Budgets

Districts that can largely support themselves with local tax dollars are in a better position as the economic downturn continues.

Antibody Tests Were Hailed As Way To End Lockdowns. Instead, They Cause Confusion.

Some communities considered community antibody testing as a way out of lockdown. But they've pulled back as they realized antibody testing is the Wild West in an oversight vacuum.

Proposal Would Require Full Refunds for Student Travel Trips Canceled Due to Covid-19

Legislation in Massachusetts would expand consumer protection laws to require full refunds for student trips that are canceled due to "a declaration of emergency."

COVID-19 Is Crushing Black Communities. Some States Are Paying Attention.

Black Americans are much more likely than whites to die of COVID-19.

Governors Ask Residents to Stop Mask-Shaming

Two Republican governors asked residents to stop harassing people who choose to wear face coverings in public, saying the decision to do so should be separate from politics.

Why Are the States Reopening?

COMMENTARY | The public overwhelmingly supports continued social-distancing measures.

Weeding Out Fraudulent Unemployment Claims Just Became More Difficult

Millions of out-of-work Americans are filing for unemployment during the coronavirus pandemic and fraudsters are using the unprecedented crush of filings to take advantage.

Medicaid Rolls and Costs Poised to Grow as Job Losses Mount

New estimates indicate that upwards of 12 million more people could become eligible for the program after losing health insurance they had through their workplace.

White House Open to Loosening Rules for State and Local Aid Funds, Mnuchin Says

The Treasury Secretary also clashed with Sen. Sherrod Brown over how well-prepared the nation is currently to limit coronavirus risks as the economy begins to reopen.

Colorado Groups Push for Tax Hike on Higher Earners to Help With Budget Shortfall

The temporary income tax increase they’re supporting would apply to households making upwards of $250,000 per year. The state, like others, is facing budget pressures tied to the coronavirus outbreak.

Officials Apologize, Retool Coronavirus Chart After Backlash

A graph released by the Georgia Department of Public Health purported to show a steady decline in new coronavirus cases, but the data was presented out of order.

Federal Investigators Target ‘Fraud Ring’ Attacking State Unemployment Systems

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Local governments buy up thermal scanners … Masks now mandatory in public in Los Angeles … New Jersey could partially furlough 100,000 state employees.

Militias Direct Coronavirus Anger at State and Local Governments

Frustrated by the pandemic measures imposed by governors and local leaders, militia leaders have been part of organizing protests and say they are aided by an influx of new members.

Republican Governors of More Quickly Reopening States Fare Worst in Poll

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Utah governor signs law to require him to seek legislative consultation on emergency orders … Indiana court suspends state attorney general’s law license … Michigan to study banning guns in the state capitol.

New Hampshire Latest State to Try to Limit Out-of-State Tourists

New Hampshire is reopening certain recreational sites, but trying to limit them to residents. Other states have attempted similar measures, with mixed results.

What States Can Learn From COVID-19 Transition Planning in Europe

COMMENTARY | Germany has set up a broad testing program, testing even those with mild symptoms of the respiratory illness, while also planning a huge contact tracing effort that will establish a five-person team for every 20,000 people.

Western States Pact Asks for $1 Trillion in Coronavirus Relief

STATE & LOCAL ROUNDUP | Feds begin looking at Ahmaud Arbery case … South Dakota Sioux tribe refuses to remove highway checkpoints … Illinois governor to work from home.

Unemployment From the Coronavirus Varies Dramatically Between States, Analysis Finds

The percentage of each state's workforce filing for unemployment as a result of the pandemic ranges between 8% to 33%, largely depending on the industries that drive local economies.

States Urge Congress to Help with Skyrocketing Tech Costs

As the coronavirus pandemic escalated, states spent big on information technology as employees started working from home and antiquated systems like unemployment websites needed fast upgrades.