Judges Can’t Decide Whether Freedom Extends to Your Car

Officers have wide discretion when they pull over motorists. And the courts keep giving them more.

How a Tiny Mountain Town Quadrupled Parking Fees

Nevada City, California, used to advertise its “bargain” parking meters. Now they’re getting more expensive to protect the town against an existential threat.

Key Senators Pledge to Move on Federal Highway Bill This Summer

But lawmakers acknowledge that figuring out a long-term plan to pay for transportation infrastructure remains a major challenge.

Planning Transportation Projects Using 'Ultrasound for Roads'

A research partnership between the University of Arkansas and the state's Department of Transportation uses seismic imaging to help officials visualize the earth beneath the ground.

Americans Shouldn’t Have to Drive, but the Law Insists on It

COMMENTARY | The automobile took over because the legal system helped squeeze out the alternatives.

Why U.S. Cities Aren’t Using More Electric Buses

Two reports from the World Resource Institute look at the biggest barriers to electrifying the global bus fleet—and how cities can overcome them.

One State's Plans to Expand Connected Vehicle Technology

More cars and trucks that can communicate with roadside sensors are expected to roll off assembly lines in the coming years.

States Move Ahead With Digital License Plates

Maryland is the latest state to launch a pilot program to test the technology for consumer use.

EPA, California Clash Over Breakdown in Fuel Efficiency Standard Talks

Trump administration officials told members of Congress they couldn’t pledge to resume talks with California leaders in an effort to reach a compromise on a national fuel efficiency standard.

Driverless Cars Are Going to Disrupt the Airline Industry

COMMENTARY | A future with driverless cars means people will have more options to avoid driving on their own, beyond trains, planes, and buses.

Transforming a City by Reconsidering a Highway

Syracuse, New York could remove a section of Interstate 81 that runs through the city, with the goal of revitalizing communities that were displaced by its construction in the 1950s.

Head Injuries Common in Scooter Crashes, Study Finds. Helmets Not So Much.

The research out of Austin, Texas examines the cases of 190 people hurt riding electric scooters.

Collaboration Key to Managing Scooters, Bike Shares

Proactively communicating with transportation companies can help ease the pain of integration, according to a new report from the National League of Cities.

Could Hawaii Be Paradise For Hydrogen-Powered Public Transit?

Hawaii has been overhauling its transportation systems, and hydrogen-powered public transit may be next.

State's Denial of Custom License Plate Triggers Free Speech Lawsuit

At issue is the phrase “come on you whites,” an English soccer team motto California's DMV says has possible racial connotations.

This City's New Bike Lane Law is ‘Bikelash’-Proof

A Boston suburb now mandates the addition of protected bike lanes on all streets due for planned street upgrades.

With 100 People Per Day Dying in Crashes, Lawmakers Weigh Road Safety Options

The issue is coming up as Congress begins to discuss renewing a key piece of transportation funding legislation.

Thousands of Bridges In 'Urgent Need of Repairs'

Twenty-three percent of Rhode Island's bridges are structurally deficient, while Iowa has 4,675 bridges in the state that should be rehabilitated, according to a new report.