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Elaine S. Povich


Coronavirus Fraudsters Keep Prosecutors Busy

State AGs track millions in false loan and unemployment claims.


Same Mission, Different Pay for National Guard

Benefits for National Guard members vary widely from state to state.


College Students Want Their Money Back. It’ll Be Tough to Get It.

There are at least 100 closure-related suits filed against colleges and universities in federal and state courts.


14-Day Quarantine Complicates Tourist Rentals

Thirty states, from Maine to Montana, have instituted either a mandatory or recommended 14-day quarantine for visitors.


Scratch-Off Lottery Sales Soar

The sales are a rare bright spot for state budgets.


Where’s My Refund?: State AGs Step in to Help

Thousands of would-be travelers are after refunds for trips untaken, resorts unvisited, vacant vacation homes and memberships to closed gyms.

Health & Human Services

Border Checkpoints Discourage Travelers Between States

States are discouraging out-of-state tourists, governors are warning their residents not to travel to neighboring states, and law enforcement is screening drivers at state borders.


State AGs Crack Down on Coronavirus Scams

The National Association of Attorneys General has set up a website for consumers to file complaints with each state attorney general’s office.


Taxing Internet Ads Could Raise Lots of Money, but Doubts Persist

Maryland could be the first in the nation to tax online ads.


Seniors’ Sweet Tax Breaks Have Become a Target

In most states, seniors pay less income tax than younger people. Is that fair?


The Uber and Lyft of Dog Walking Fight State Oversight

The gig-economy model for pet care has disrupted a standing industry in somewhat the same way that ride-hailing services upended the taxi industry.


Record Cyber Monday Boosts State Tax Revenue

Cyber Monday sales this year were up nearly 20% compared to last year.


State Attorneys General Take On National Fights

A new kind of state attorney general is rising to prominence nationwide.


Off-Year Elections Test Democrats’ Strength in the South

Three governorships and control of a critical statehouse are up for grabs.

Tech & Data

Tech Giants Fight Digital Right-to-Repair Bills

The measures would require manufacturers to supply parts to independent repair shops.