As Acadia Nat’l Park Celebrates Centennial, Maine Gets New Nat’l Monument

Soon after President Obama’s pen stroke made a long-discussed Katahdin Woods proposal official, Interior Secretary Sally Jewell explored the area’s ‘beauty and the bounty’ by canoe.

Route Fifty Roadmap: What’s Next for New Hampshire’s Executive Council?

The five members of this unique state body often wield more power than the governor. And that can sometimes cause headaches in America’s most democratic system of government.

Training Program Gives Cash-Strapped R.I. Municipalities Some Hope

‘Leadership Matters’ focuses on improving culture and performance in local public institutions in the Ocean State dealing with challenging fiscal conditions.

Donald Trump Finds Fertile Ground North of Maine’s ‘Volvo Line’

In a region hit hard by the decline of the paper industry, the Republican presidential nominee tells a packed crowd: “We’re going to bring back our jobs.”

New Climate Scenarios Put Major Sections of Boston Underwater

One scenario predicts sea levels that will be 10 feet higher by the end of the century. But even a 3-foot increase could inundate large sections of the city.

L.A. River Restoration Gets Boost With New Data Resource

A nonprofit releases a new comprehensive aid to planning many aspects of complex restoration effort.

Route Fifty Roadmap: Penobscot River Town Seeks Life After Paper

Mill closures in Maine described as “economic hurricane” by U.S. senator

Route Fifty Roadmap: Memorial Day in a Small Maine Town

Despite the influx of tax dollars from wealthy seasonal residents, tiny Northeast Harbor has been struggling to stay alive.

Los Angeles Faces Major Funding Challenges for Its Ambitious River Restoration

In order to create vibrant riverside communities, tax-increment financing may be needed to make the bold riparian vision a reality.

Where a Wall Is Not Enough: Inside the Effort to Secure the Arizona Border

State officials seek a balance between fighting crime and boosting Mexican tourism.

Foes and Friends on the Arizona Border

State officials seek a balance between fighting crime and boosting Mexican tourism.

Examining Phoenix-Area Datasets Helps Policymakers Better Understand Educational Needs

Mapping technology used by the Maricopa Association of Governments is helping assure that third-grade students meet requirements for reading skills.

A Big Data Tussle Over Phoenix ‘Brain Drain’ Rankings

Officials in Arizona challenge rankings on college grad retention rates for the state’s largest metro area.

White House Poverty Summit Looks at Ways to Address Child Welfare

Leaders focus on nutrition and two-generation approaches to helping children growing up in poverty.

Governors Seek Ways for Their States to Address Challenges From Rural Poverty

Better education, they say, is the critical element needed to improve lives in impoverished areas.

Colorado Debates a Major Health Care Overhaul

As proposed, Amendment 69 would introduce a new single-payer plan to replace Obamacare in the Centennial State.

Illinois Public Universities Face Dire Funding Crisis

As the budget standoff continues in Springfield, higher education in the Land of Lincoln face “Hunger Games” scenario where “only the strong” may survive.

New Report Rates States’ Finances and Competitiveness

Working with former U.S. Comptroller General David Walker, a new PwC assessment examines the fiscal health and “competitive posture” of the U.S. state governments. And Illinois and Connecticut don’t fare well.

State Lotteries Look to Protect Their Image

There’s a new program to promote “responsible gambling” amid ongoing criticism that lotteries prey on the poor.

States Move to Bolster Private Retirement Savings

More than two dozen are considering a variety of plans, which one Brookings Institution expert says might “constitute the most important step toward retirement security in decades.”